An Interactive Map Of Top Startups Across Europe

An Interactive Map Of Top Startups Across Europe
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Almost everyone knows Spotify and Deliveroo, two of Europe’s most valuable private companies. But what about the rest of the continent? We’ve combed through the PitchBook Platform to come up with the most valuable venture-backed company in dozens of countries in Europe and turned the results into an interactive graphic.

Hover over any country on the map to see the current valuation and headquarters of its most valuable startup, then click to see the company’s free PitchBook profile.


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The map includes only European countries with venture-backed companies that have reached valuations of €5 million or more, measured either by post-money valuation or sum of deal size. All companies included in the map have received new funding since the beginning of 2015 (except Ozon, which raised its most recent round in 2014).

The placement of Iceland is not to scale.

Uniplace is based in Lisbon, but some of its regulatory filings indicate a London headquarters.

Some of the valuations are estimated.

For the sake of consistency, some valuation amounts have been converted into euros.

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Article by Dana Olsen,, PitchBook

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