Sam Zell: Investing In US Cities, Leadership and Infrastructure

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An interview and Q&A with billionaire investor and founder of Equity Investments Groups, Sam Zell. In this interview Sam discusses what US cities he would invest in and which he would not. Sam also talks about education, infrastructure, leadership and his thoughts on the emerging markets.

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 0:34 Changing demographics impact on real estate? 8:17 Are we seeing the same trends in developed countries? 9:19 Middle class in emerging markets? 10:35 Resilience in US cities? 12:20 What cities are getting it right/ Where would you invest? 17:16 Your position in the office market? 18:47 Cheaper in Reno? 20:17 What is the policy direction we should be taking to roll back regulation? 21:20 Do we make the US so expensive that capital goes elsewhere? 22:11 Trends in education from city to city? 25:00 What role do you see of economic growth to a community that supports entrepreneurs? 29:32 What are the ingredients that make Silicon Valley so successful? 31:00 What should the US be doing in infrastructure? 32:05 What states have the right leadership? 32:57 What are they doing? 34:22 Creating resilience in emerging markets? 37:04 Brazil’s leadership is in crisis? 39:23 Perspective of the world? 43:33 Start of Q&A 43:46 Views on Presidential election? 47:17 Immigration policy? 50:36 What will happen in real estate over the next two years? 54:42 How should we think about reconciling what corporations want and the fiscal policy? 57:09 Do you see the 60% home ownership being stable? 1:00:17 Innovations in your company? Will gen Y leave the urban core?

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