RUMOR: OnePlus 5T Cancelled And OnePlus 6 Release Date Moved Up

RUMOR: OnePlus 5T Cancelled And OnePlus 6 Release Date Moved Up
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Everyone’s favorite flagship brand priced like a mid range brand is apparently going to be skipping their “T” model for this generation. This is according to rumors that suggest the OnePlus 5T won’t be released due to the lack of an updated Snapdragon chipset to use for the device. If you recall, last year we got the OnePlus 3T when OnePlus updated the chipset inside their device from the Snapdragon 820 to the 821. A minor bump in specs to hold off people until the new, more powerful device was ready to go. However, this year, Qualcomm is not making a Snapdragon 836 chip which means there’s no small upgrade available for the OnePlus 5T. That’s the speculation, anyway.

Instead, it sounds like OnePlus will be moving up the OnePlus 6 release date to compensate for the gap in their launch calendar. This means we could see a OnePlus 6 release date sometime in “early 2018.” I’ll let you read into that wording how you will.

This article may be a bit of good news and bad news depending on how you look at the situation. If you were holding out to pick up a OnePlus 5T then you may be disappointed to find that the device isn’t coming. Still, the OnePlus 5 is an awesome device and holds its own against some of the best flagships out there. Plus, realistically, the jump from a OnePlus 5 to a OnePlus 5T would have been marginal at best. For those who have been holding out to see what the OnePlus 6 has in store then the earlier OnePlus 6 release date should come as exciting news. Everyone’s favorite flagship killing smartphone will be here sooner rather than later if these rumors are correct!

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There is a good chance we get to see a whole new design once the OnePlus 6 release date finally rolls around. A lot of people are expecting to see a bezel-less design much like what other smartphone manufacturers are doing with their flagship devices. Of course, this also means we should see the latest Snapdragon chipset packed in as well with enough ram to keep up with the other big boys on the market. If I was a betting man then I would expect to see somewhere around 6GB of RAM. We already got dual camera sensors in the OnePlus 5 but they could take things to the next level with better video recording and/or more megapixels. We have seen rumors about Samsung aiming to shoot video at 1000fps which would be a nice target for OnePlus to aim for as well.

Of course, all of this is still speculation at this point but it does make a lot of sense. Why would OnePlus release a new device without a new chipset to put inside? It makes much more sense to push up the OnePlus 6 release date as early as possible and give fans the device they truly deserve rather than some stopgap solution that won’t offer much more than the device that preceded it.

What do you think about these latest OnePlus rumors? Good news or bad news?

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