A New Nintendo Trademark Hints Of Classic Mini Game Boy

A New Nintendo Trademark Hints Of Classic Mini Game Boy
Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Nintendo has already released a Classic Mini NES and a Classic Mini SNES, and it appears the company is not finished yet. A recent trademark filed in Japan suggests that the company could be working on Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy.

The trademark for the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy was filed on September 15, and covers several things like “smartphone covers,” “programs for smartphones,” “key holders,” “necklaces,” “smartphone cases,” “watches” and “home video game console.” Though many of the categories are not related to the gaming, it may have been included to protect the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy brand, notes Kotaku.

In addition, the unrelated categories might also suggest a full-scale campaign, where the company may launch promotional products to benefit from Game Boy’s nostalgia factor. The Japanese firm did a similar thing when it filed trademarks Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Editions, notes Inquirer.net.

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