Islands, Bodyguards, And Mansions – How Would You Spend $1 Billion?

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Our new survey finds out the top 10 ways that people across America would spend their money if they won a $1 billion jackpot, including how many would buy a mansion, and how many wouldn’t give any to charity.

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The Top 5

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d do if you won a $1 billion jackpot, you’ll probably have some idea of what you’d spend it on first, how much you’d give away, maybe even what you’d treat yourself to.

Thinking just that, we’ve conducted a survey on 1000 respondents to find out what people across America would do with the opportunity, from every area and age group. Here are the top results.

89% Would Give Some to Their Close Family

Very sweetly, 89% said they would give a portion to close family members, while 4% would not give money to anyone.

49% Would Pay Off Their Debts as Their First Act

Perhaps the most sensible use of becoming an overnight billionaire, nearly half of the respondents chose to break even before indulging with any of the money.

37% Would Give Some Money to Their Friend.

It’s nice to know that becoming a billionaire doesn’t put off a large proportion of people from staying true to their roots.

28% Would Put $100 - $500 million into Savings

We’d like to see the interest on that size of invenstment.

28% Would Buy a Mansion

And we definitely wouldn’t judge.

Other winners included:

  • 20% Would Spend $500,000 - $1 million on Unnecessary Purchases.
  •  19% Would Give $50,000 - $500,000 to Charity. 
  • 15% Would Put Money into a Safe Investment as Their First Act.
  • 11% Wouldn’t Donate Any to Charity.
  •  8% Would Move House Immediately.

Out of all 1000 respondents, these were the top expenditures. Ranging from very sensible to very sweet to very silly, Americans had clear ideas about what they would do first were they to become a billionaire overnight.

Dream Big

While many respondents had similar ideas for what they’d do with the money for themselves – buying land, buying new cars, going on holidays – there were a few with some clear goals in mind.

One respondent said they wanted to use the money to buy the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Team.

A concerning handful said they wanted to disappear, go into hiding, or buy “at least 5 wooded acres with off-grid living underground living in Washington or Oregon.”

One felt they would need a bodyguard, though they didn’t specify why.

One said they’d drink “all the piña coladas”. All of them.

One grim-faced eschatologist said: “I was just paid 1 billion dollars, only the money is now worthless and good only for fire wood to keep warm because the reigning oligarchy has full control of the world and the Ancient Prophecies are about to be fulfilled.” It is unclear whether they were friends with the respondent who answered, “I would buy a god.”

14% Would Buy an Island

In terms of indulgences, mansions were the most popular, with 28% of respondents saying it would be their preferred way to spend a big of excess money. But 14% opted for the ultimate indulgence of buying a whole island, and frankly, we just hope we’re invited for the island-warming party.

Small Change

The majority of respondents, 39%, when asked whether they thought the money would change them, thought that it wouldn’t – while 35% said they thought it would change them for the better.

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