Get This $5 iOS 11 Photo Editing App For Free [LIMITED TIME OFFER]

For a limited time, Apple is offering an iOS 11 Photo Editing App for free, the Plotagraph+ Photo Animator, that you can get with a free redeem code.

iOS 11 Photo Editing App

The iOS 11 Photo Editing app normally costs $4.99, and with it, iOS users can turn any static image into a video, GIF, or even animated PNG file via animation. This is how it works. Users launch the app and select a static image that they want to edit. Then they create an animation track which then indicates the direction of movement that you want to apply in the app. The Photo editing app allows users to hide the parts that they don’t want to be animated, and also adjust the speed of animation that suits their needs. Users can later save their new video, GIF, or animated PNG, but they can also share it directly on social media, or other.

“Plotagraph+ is a one of a kind image animation app that brings photos to life. Tell your story in a fun and unique way with animated images that can now be shared with most of your favorite social media platforms as a looping video or Animated PNG. This new and innovative app gives you the tools to animate any image in minutes easily.”

iOS 11 Photo Editing App completely free of charge

We are sure that once you get used to the app’s UI and the way it works, you will be able to create amazing animated images with the Plotagraph + Photo Animator, iOS 11 Photo Editing app. With practice, the results are more noticeable, and the animations are of better quality. Plotograph+ Photo Animator boasts various editing and customizing tools which you can use to edit images. Now that you can get the iOS 11 Photo Editing App for free, this is an excellent opportunity to make some amazing animations.

To get the iOS 11 Photo Editing App for Free, download the Apple Store app, and find the Plotograph+ promotion in the Discover section which is located on the main screen. Have you tried using this app yet, and if so, how do you like it?