Here’s What Google Pixel 2 XL Steals From iPhone X

Here’s What Google Pixel 2 XL Steals From iPhone X

Both companies strive to engineer unique and powerful flagship phones, making everyone wonder what Google Pixel 2 XL steals from iPhone X, Apple’s forthcoming smartphone.

Tomorrow is a big day for Google. Two weeks ago, Google published an announcement regarding the Google press event that will present their new products to the world. The most anticipated phones of the year, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL will debut publicly on October 4th and present the new design, features, and more.

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The phones won’t be the only devices to make an appearance at the event. Google will unveil some home-focused smart gadgets, including a smaller version of Google speakers. Still, we believe that the event is entirely focused on the upcoming new series of Pixel phones.

This year’s flagship phones from both Samsung and Apple were targets of leaks. Google Pixel 2 XL is not an exception. In the two weeks after Google announced the press event, various websites published rendered images that feature a new design of the phones, color options, and screen.

Aside from renders, we were able to look at the specs sheet and get to know the technical specifications of the phones. Still, we won’t know until tomorrow whether those leaks are accurate or not.

If you are someone who pays great attention to detail, you must have noticed the tiny detail which Google Pixel 2 XL steals from iPhone X, and probably think that detail is slightly annoying. While the vast majority of iPhone fans are disappointed with the notch featured on iPhone X, they can rest assured that Google Pixel 2 XL won’t follow up its rival.

However, nobody knows the reason why Google decided to delay its Google Pixel 2 smartphones. Apple took the same step when releasing their smartphones. It can’t really be said that Google Pixel 2 XL steals anything in particular from the iPhone, although this step is endlessly annoying for everyone who was fairly impressed with last year’s Pixel phones.

The iPhone X will see be released on November 3rd. However, given that it’s high in-demand, compared to its sibling iPhone 8, it is believed that its supply will be low, maybe for a period of months.

The reason Apple decided to postpone the release concerns the new TrueDepth camera which takes time to develop. It is the essential part of the iPhone, given that the Touch ID technology is being swapped with the Face ID, which requires the TrueDepth camera to work reliably.

The new Google Pixel 2 phones will launch officially tomorrow, on October 4th. However, the phones won’t be released until October 19th, which is almost three weeks after Google’s press event. The shipping of Google’s new flagship phones will start even later, supposedly on November 15th.

Users are surprised and confused by Google’s decision to postpone the phone’s release. There’s no innovative technology in progress aside from what the leaked specs sheet suggested. Perhaps Google will surprise us tomorrow at the press event with something we are yet to see.

Google is not expected to unveil revolutionary features with Google Pixel 2 XL, designed by LG. While striving to be better than its predecessor Pixel XL smartphone, it will be an ordinary flagship phone that sports the Android operating system. Aside from what Google Pixel 2 XL steals from iPhone X, both phones are going to be buyer-favorites and the best of their series.

We still don’t know what could delay the launch. According to the leaks that came earlier this year, it was almost certain that the launch of iPhone X would be delayed until November at the earliest. These rumors turned out to be the truth, thanks to the implementation of the TrueDepth camera.

It was also reportedly said that Google made a deal with LG to implement an OLED screen in its Google Pixel 2 XL phone so the screen would be large enough to rival other competitors. Still, that shouldn’t delay the launch.

The final reason for this unpleasant delay could be the fact Google has faced many problems in meeting demand with its previous phones. Perhaps Google is working on doing it right this time. Nevertheless, we are confident to know more after the Google Press event that will be held tomorrow. You can watch the live stream of Google’s press event on YouTube too.

Is there something else that Google Pixel 2 XL steals from iPhone X? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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