Google’s Eric Schmidt: Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

An interview and Q&A with billionaire and past CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. In this interview, Eric discusses how he managed and encouraged innovation at Google and what cities can do to develop more entrepreneurs. Eric also talks about the changing role of technologies impact on government and individuals. ? Books by Eric Schmidt and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description?

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 2:57 What have you been learning since we last met? 4:38 How Google does it 5:35 How do you teach people to be innovative? 6:51 Why is the US more innovative? 9:39 Innovators of the future will be designers and engineers? 11:40 How worried are you about mass unemployment? 15:51 Entrepreneurship 17:37 How much do you worry robots will take all the jobs? 20:17 How should those going into public office be prepared for the tech revolution? 23:14 More power to individuals? 24:30 How can a government take advantage of these new technologies? 26:40 Dynamics of the tech world? 31:14 How do we protect privacy? 33:10 Should police be able to go into your phone? 33:57 Start of Q&A 34:27 Would Google partner with cities to provide internet for everyone? 37:04 Can you describe the success and setbacks in stopping censorship in China? 39:12 The future of North Korea? 42:40 Your reply to open letter? 44:55 White House report? 46:11 Long term goals of Google fibre? 49:08 Spread of innovation beyond Silicon Valley? 53:09 Thoughts on the impact of 3D printing on manufacturing? 55:14 How to flatten gap between CEOs and employees? 57:02 Has the liberal arts education become obsolete? 58:53 In your time at the company, how has its political involvement evolved? 1:00:50 Will Google enter the asset management industry? 1:02:04 Multiple questions? 1:09:18 What's one thing you know about the future, we do not know?

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Eric Schmidt Books ??? (affiliate link) How Google Works: The New Digital Age: Eric Schmidt’s Favourite Books? Artful Making: Search Inside Yourself: Grown Up Digital: Interview Date: 1st May, 2014 Event: Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics Original Image Source: