Google Pixel 2 Deal: Which Provider Offers More?

Google Pixel 2 Deal: Which Provider Offers More?

Google Pixel 2 Deal: T-mobile has more to offer than Verizon despite the deal with Google

Despite Verizon’s exclusive deal with Google, T-mobile has more to offer regarding Google Pixel 2 Deal.

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After last week’s Google’s vast event where it unveiled the successor to the original Google Pixel series, everyone is waiting for the day to come when they are able to order their smartphone. Although Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL phones are cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Apple’s iPhone X, their price-tag might still be too hefty for some customers. That’s why U.S. carriers decided, like last year, to offer financing Google Pixel 2 deal for consumers who can’t buy it immediately, but, instead, prefer paying for their smartphone on a monthly basis.

Given that Verizon has the exclusive deal with Google regarding the Google Pixel 2 phones, it was expected that this U.S. carrier will offer the best Google Pixel 2 deal. However, this has changed as soon as its rival T-Mobile revealed its own financing offer. If you are after Google Pixel 2, it’s more likely that you will opt for T-mobile deal. The telecommunications company offers its users.

“Get $325 instant cash back when you bring your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL to T-Mobile.”

Frankly speaking, this news is not a surprise. Verizon’s Washington-based rival has an offering similar to the one from last year, although for a limited time. So what is T-Mobile’s Google Pixel 2 Deal? This irresistible offering consists in T-mobile offering a $325 discount if they join their network with one of Google’s upcoming smartphones. The customers will receive the money back in a prepaid Mastercard card.

T-mobile’s limited offer is twice as cheap of original Google Pixel 2 64 GB storage option that will ship at $649. Unfortunately, in order to be eligible for this promotion, the owner of Google Pixel 2 must not buy it online from sites such as eBay and others. That being said, if you want to be eligible for the promotion, avoid purchasing your Google Pixel 2 in such manner.

So in order to be accepted for Google Pixel 2 deal by T-mobile, you need to move your current phone number to T-mobile telecommunications service or start a new contract and sign up for the T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan. With taxes and fees includes, that plan should cost $70/month. Of course, people who are already using T-mobile service are eligible for this deal, if they include a line to unlimited plan subscription. As far as the choices go, consumers can choose between T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited.

But what is Verizon and Google plan all about? They signed a deal which allows users to make a trade-in their older smartphone for Google Pixel 2 deal in order to get a discount and pay less for their Pixel 2 smartphone. Both offers sound tempting. However, T-mobile offers a promotion this year that is the vast enhancement compared to the last year’s promotion. If you recall, T-mobile offered a minor discount for the monthly bills.

Still, this year, T-mobile, not only, offers Google Pixel 2 two times cheaper than the original price on Google Store but allows its already existing customers to take advantage of the discount. That being said, T-mobile is the winner when it comes to the best Google Pixel 2 deal.

Limited offer: Get a free Google Home Mini speaker

For a limited time, Google Pixel 2 pre-order makes you eligible for receiving a gift – Google Home Mini speaker. You can get this gift if you go for Verizon’s phone trade-in promotion. In fact, Google Home Mini smart speaker is available through Verizon right now and allows users to save $50 on a speaker if they decide to participate in the trade-in offer on Verizon.

Right now, there is no final day to the availability of this offer. However, what we know is that the proposal indeed is limited.

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