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Facebook Is Down Right Now, But You’ll Be OK

The latest – Thousands of users are complaining about Facebook down, and the company’s photo-sharing platform Instagram also seems to be affected. For many, Facebook is down completely, while thousands of others are experiencing some problems with the platform, but not a total outage. Users on both desktops and mobile devices are complaining about the issues, turning to Twitter to vent their frustrations using the hashtag “Facebook down” because, well, why not?

It seems that the vast majority of users complaining that Facebook down are experiencing a total outage, which means that the platform won’t load at all or won’t allow them to log into their accounts. The complaints are being posted with a variety of error messages, with some saying that the platform has been taken down for maintenance and others receiving just a blank page when they attempt to visit the page. It sounds like most of those who are able to log into Facebook can’t share links or post anything. Some are finding that the bar which is usually across the top of the page on the desktop version is simply missing, which greatly limits the social network’s functionality.

Down Detector, which tracks website outages, shows a sudden surge in problem reports a bit before the hour. It reports that 40% of the reports it has received indicate a total blackout, while 37% of the reports are about log-in problems and 22% are related to the Facebook app. A map regarding the “Facebook down” search on Down Detector shows that most of the Eastern Seaboard in the U.S. is having problems, as are many users in California and a large chunk of Mexico. France, the U.K., the Netherlands and Germany also seem to be experiencing problems, and there are other hotspots in many other parts of the globe, although they’re smaller than these other regions.

Is Facebook down for you still? Many users are now starting to see service restored, although it will take some time to see whether the guy who accidentally unplugged the affected parts of the world has managed to get everything hooked back up (joking, of course). Or maybe Twitter plotted against Facebook since one surefire way to get people to use its platform is to unplug Facebook for 30 seconds or so. In reality, why may never find out more about this latest Facebook down issue.

Neither Facebook nor Instagram has commented on their respective outages.

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Is Facebook down for you? You’re not alone, but we can assure you that this doesn’t mean the world is ending. It only means that you’ll have to hang on until they get it back up, if you can despite your addiction.