15 Company Culture Lessons You Can Learn From The World’s Biggest Companies

Company culture is the backbone of every business, if you have a strong, valued team behind your business then you are more likely to succeed. By creating a trusted, fun, yet motivational workplace you are pushing your employees to be the best they can be but also reflecting the values and image of your company. If you treat your employees well and have a fun loving business atmosphere, then that will be reflected to your customers and clients. A great company culture is bound to attract, better and more, partners, customers and employees, which in turn, creates great success!

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Do your employees wake up and look forward to coming into work? Do they strive to not only succeed themselves, but to help the business succeed? A strong company culture not only gains trust with customers but it builds dedicated employees. It is common knowledge that a positive atmosphere can highly affect your performance at work, when surrounded by an encouraging team you can work to the best of your abilities. Therefore as an employer, creating a company culture that harnesses these attributes allows you to not only form, but more importantly attain, a talented organisation, built with employees that are loyal and proficient. This means a smaller staff turnover and great chemistry amongst your team, both of which create a stronger and more successful team and business.

When you look at some of the most successful business around the world, many of them have one thing in common, not only a strong, but a recognisable company culture.  Google, Nike, all of these brands have work ethics and company cultures that stand out and inspire people to want to work for them. There’s a reason Google was voted the number one most desirable company to work for in 2017 and it isn’t just about the salary. It’s about feeling valued, trusted and motivated to be the best you can be, whilst also being supported. Obviously the salary and the experience is amazing but none of this would be meaningful if there was a weak and negative company culture.

We have decided to take this into account and explore how some of the world’s most successful businesses tackle their company culture. From Facebook to Costco, we have looked at their company culture lessons, in the hope that they inspire businesses and CEO’s alike to create positive and desirable corporate cultures for the sake of the business and the employee. Read ahead to see how the professionals do it…

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