Best iPhone X Cases For Women You Can Buy

Apple started taking pre-orders for its iPhone X only a few days ago, and there is no better way to embrace your new iPhone than with a modern, yet durable case. The iPhone X will begin shipping out on November 3, so don’t waste time. We compiled a list of the best iPhone X cases for women and girls who don’t settle for boring one-color cases.

Best iPhone X Cases for women

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#1 Lontect case with ring grip holder

The Lontect case is sturdy, affordable, and simply wonderful. If you are fond of shine and glitter, Lontect is the right iPhone X case for you. The case will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention. The case is very flexible thanks to the TPU material. Additionally, the case is rubberized, making it flexible but also enabling the smartphone it holds to survive a hard impact. The iPhone X case is also available in black and rose gold and features a ring holder on the back.

Best IPhone X cases for woman

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#2 LK white henna iPhone X case

Every girl is in love with lace, that’s why this is one of the best iPhone X cases for women. The case is made out of PC and TPU material to ensure rigid and durable build for your iPhone X. Additionally, it is equipped with Air Cushion technology, which ensures even more protection. It is important to note that the screen and camera receive additional protection thanks to the raised lip around the case’s edge.

The case is flattered with henna mandala floral lace to make your iPhone X look as stylish as it is powerful. Right now, the case is on discount, so if you want to have it, better hurry before it gets sold out.

Best iPhone X Cases For Women

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#3 Lontect transparent case

This Lontect model features a more discreet iPhone X case, although it’s equally as stylish as the one we wrote about above. The case is made out of a PC and TPU combo and includes a rubberized cover to offer a better grip and more protection. The front is equipped with a front lip for extra protection and a camera ring to protect it from scratching. The camera ring can be rotated to 360 degrees in order to provide great viewing angles. Like the previous model, this Longtect case is available in black and rose gold.

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#4 Speck Presidio Clear + Print

This gorgeous iPhone X case with printed blossoms is a must-have for every girl who owns an iPhone X. Of course, this case is much more than just pretty; it’s a combination of a stylish and sleek design that will keep your iPhone X protected without a compromise. The case features a dual layer build which can survive a fall from up to eight feet.

That being said, the screen is provided extra protection against scratching. The case is available in two colors: gold and pink. The Speck Presidio Clear+Print case is definitely one of the best iPhone X cases for women.

Best iPhone X Woman Cases

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#5 totallee

This svelte-looking iPhone X case is definitely going to win your heart if you like a discreet look. Moreover, the iPhone X case is measuring only 0.02-inches in thickness, which makes it currently the thinnest case in the market. The top-notch polypropylene ensures that the case is sturdy and flexible, despite being extremely thin.

It is important to note that the case is easy to put on and remove. More importantly, if you are annoyed by fingerprints on the glossy surface, rest assured that the matte finish on this totallee iPhone X case won’t show any fingerprints. The manufacturer is offering a two-year warranty and a wide selection of colors.

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