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Apple’s Chicago Store opened its doors for the first time today at its home on the Chicago River. With such powerful smartphones, Macs, and other premium products, the company had to build its nest in a magnificent mega-store. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Michigan Avenue store.

Apple’s new store is located in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, which means it’s surrounded by luxurious skyscrapers, yet it’s still isolated enough from both the street and river to look majestic. The building is completely transparent and surrounded by a 32-foot glass wall, which allows visitors to see the river. The building consists of two levels and features a thin 111-by-98-foot curved carbon-fiber roof. Four interior columns support the roof.

Apple’s Chicago store also boasts the company’s trademark “Genius Gallery.” Long wooden benches span the store’s upper level, where customers can receive help from Apple Geniuses.

The building looks so majestic that it’s no wonder reporters wanted to look around at the press conference on Thursday. Everyone wanted to see what Apple’s new store is hiding inside. The store is a prominent example of the “Town Square” concept, which transforms Apple’s stores into a community center, an idea dreamed up by retail head Angela Ahrendts and design chief Jony Ive. Their dream was to make Apple’s Chicago store not only a place where customers will purchase the company’s latest products but also attend different educational events or seminars, and much more.

It is also important to note that Apple’s Chicago store is powered by renewable energy. The store sits at 401 N. Michigan Ave. The store replaces the previous location at 679 N. Michigan, which opened in 2003 and was the first flagship Apple Store in the U.S. It was closed forever on Wednesday at 8 p.m. When the previous Chicago location opened, it had about 58 employees, but the new store opens with about 250 employees.

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