Apple Is Aware Of Issue With Garageband On iOS 11


If you have updated your device to iOS 11 then you may have noticed an issue with launching the Garageband app… Or you may have not. This issue seems to only affect some users but, for those who want to use Garageband on iOS 11, it could be a very serious issue that limits the enjoyment of their device.

To their credit, Apple has not ignored the issue. A post was published on their support website that acknowledged the issue with Garageband on iOS 11. The fix that they outline will allow Garageband on iOS 11 to launch on updated devices. However, the fix is not permanent as it doesn’t completely fix the issue without any side effects. First, here is the fix from Apple:

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If you are having issues launching Garageband on iOS 11 after updating then there are two quick steps to fixing the issue. First, go into your native “Settings” app, tap on your name, and then tap on iCloud. After that, you will see a list of apps that have iCloud access. Find Garageband and turn it off.

Easy fix, right? Unfortunately, it’s not a complete fix. After doing the fix you will be able to launch Garageband on iOS 11 but you won’t be able to access any files that were saved to iCloud since you, obviously, just turned that feature off. You also won’t be able to save any new files to iCloud which could be very inconvenient if you like to use Garageband across multiple devices.

Apple says they are working on a fix for this issue but, for now, the fix above is all that you can do. This is obviously less than ideal for people who use Garageband quite a bit. You aren’t alone if you are getting frustrated with iOS 11 and the many bugs that have popped up since Apple updated to iOS 11. There have been messaging bugs, home button delays, WiFi issues, and battery problems. The battery life issue seems to be the most common complaint online but Apple has yet to acknowledge this issue, unlike the Garageband on iOS 11 problem.

It may only be a matter of time until a fix is released. Still, this hasn’t stopped some from wanting to downgrade back to iOS 10. What is your experience with iOS 11 so far? Are these problems overblown or is working with iOS 11 frustrating? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!