This Anti-Cheat Windows 10 Feature Helps Developers Combat Hackers

This Anti-Cheat Windows 10 Feature Helps Developers Combat Hackers
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Among all the features that came with Microsoft’s new Fall Creators Update, the Anti-Cheat Windows 10 feature is the least talked about. The new and huge Windows 10 update is already available to all users, and it features a new anti-cheat feature called TruePlay. It works in a way to help developers battle cheating in PC games in forms of aimbots or wallhacks.

This feature was introduced in July, in a Windows 10 Insider build. The company also said that there will be more information about this feature in the future.

TruePlay’s MSDN page reveals the information about the feature. Games that sport this feature can run in a “protected process.” This process will guard against hackers and cheaters accessing the game’s code. Moreover, Windows 10 utilizes a service which will successfully monitor gaming sessions in order to protect gamers from hackers penetrating into the code and compromising their gameplay by utilizing different cheating techniques. In short, TruePlay can find out whether a player is cheating or not.

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Basically, the system collects data from the game and if it collects data of suspicious behavior within a game, it calls for an alert. It shares this information with developers, but only if the anti-cheat Windows 10 feature determines that the player has most likely cheated.

The developers can choose which parts of the game will be included with this feature. Windows 10 users can choose whether they will keep this feature on or off by toggling the switch in the Windows 10 settings. Nevertheless, users will still launch protected games and won’t be able to access certain parts of the game that require the TruePlay feature, for example, multiplayer.

The feature kind of resembles Valve’s anti-cheating software (VAC). TruePlay is not turned on by default in the gaming settings for Windows 10. However, Microsoft enabled this feature to developers who can use TruePlay in games found in their Microsoft Store. That being said, the feature is for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games exclusively for now. The developers will be able to utilize the feature in Microsoft Studios games, including Forza and Cuphead.

It is still unknown whether the feature will spread on to other games or remain only on UWP games. While the feature is handy and has the potential to improve gaming experience, as long as it is limited to games from the Microsoft Store, it doesn’t really address the problem of cheating in the more popular games played around the world.

We hope that Microsoft is planning to spread and adapt this feature to other games. Until then, we will see how it works on UWP games for now. What do you think about this anti-cheat Windows 10 feature? Do you think it will help repress cheating in games and improve overall gameplay in multiplayer games? Please leave a comment!


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