2017’s Startup Graveyard: 11 Failed Companies, $1B In VC Funding

2017’s Startup Graveyard: 11 Failed Companies, $1B In VC Funding

“Juicero is dead.”

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That’s the headline that ran in September when Juicero, which made cold-press juice machines that sold for several hundred dollars apiece, went under. The four-year-old company had previously generated a valuation of $459 million and raised $121 million in VC funding from Silicon Valley heavyweights like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and GV.

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While Juicero's death was well-documented—its demise generated several memes, hundreds of tweets and a handful of think pieces—it's certainly not the only VC-backed company to cease operations in 2017. All in all, VCs invested more than $1 billion in startups that have shut down so far this year.

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Here's an interactive look at some of 2017's notable startup failures. The graphic was created using data sourced from the PitchBook Platform.

Article by Kate Clark, PitchBook

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