Don’t Just Buy Stocks…

When I hear the phrase ‘buy stocks’, it doesn’t come close to capturing what investing is about.

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Buying stocks sounds like something you put on your grocery list.  It trivializes the importance of investing.

Investing is much more than 'buying stocks'.  Investing in equities means owning fractional shares of real businesses.  This is a critical distinction.

You can buy stocks with the 'lotto ticket' mentality - hoping to make a quick buck.  Or you can use the stock market for its intended purpose - to invest in actual businesses.

There's a valuable mindset shift that occurs when you shift your focus from buying stocks to investing in businesses.  You move from speculator to investor.

When you invest in businesses, your time horizon expands greatly.  No one invests in a business with the intention to sell out next week or next month.  Instead, holding periods are measured in years (if not decades).

The stock market gives us thousands of different businesses we can invest in.  It's up to us to pick:

  1. Businesses with strong competitive advantages
  2. With shareholder friendly managements (dividends)
  3. Trading at fair or better prices
  4. With solid long-term prospects

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Ben Reynolds

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