YouTube Allow Marketers To Make Thousands Of Variations From One Ad


Research firm Ipsos finds that people pay more attention to online video ads than to those running on television. Thus to capitalize on the segment further, YouTube, which is already a big name in video ads, has come up with new tools to help advertisers better target their ads.

As advertising week starts on Monday, advertisers will have a string of new tools to help them with better targeting and tracking their success. They will also be able to create thousands of different videos from one advertisement.

Tara Walpert Levy, vice president of agency and media solutions at YouTube, told Business Insider, “The question we had was, ‘How much attention are we getting and how differentiated is that from other platforms?’ because attention is a scarce commodity right now.” She also said that they asked themselves, “How do we help brands to find an easier way to make more personalized ads that connect better with people’s attention and [are] even more effective in viewing it?”

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YouTube’s new set of tools branded as Director Mix will help convince advertisers that relevant and customized ads are more likely to garner more attention and make a big impact on consumers. YouTube’s Director Mix can design hundreds or thousands of different variations of video ads. It will enable advertisers to upload multiple ad building blocks, such as voiceovers, copy variations, commercial video footage, etc.

“We are in this fight for attention,” Levy told Business Insider. “Advertisers are weighing where they’re most likely to get it and how.”

In addition to Director Mix, to make the ads more relevant, YouTube is also allowing advertisers to use more Google data to find the most interested consumers. Starting in January, advertisers will be able to use Google Search data to position their ads better, like by displaying cruise data for someone looking for traveling ideas on Google.

YouTube is also launching Video Ad Sequencing, which will help marketers group together series of various ad types. For instance, advertisers will be able to show a 15-second TrueView ad to create awareness followed by longer spots and a 6-second bumper ad to drive purchases. Further, YouTube is also executing Nielsen’s Matched Panel analysis to help marketers track all their online media.

Meanwhile, as the upfront ad selling season starts, Google and Facebook, two leading names in the advertisement world, are focusing on taking as much they can from traditional television’s $4 billion advertising business. Starting on Tuesday, YouTube will make a sales pitch to marketers during its Brandcast event in Australia to procure big contracts from media buyers. Pop sensation Elton John will perform at the event to attract advertisers. There will be about 1,500 marketers and media agency executives at the event who will enjoy John’s live performance at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, notes The Australian.

YouTube is also offering advertisers sponsorship and custom brand integration opportunities to increase its free-to-watch video series. At the Brandcast event in May, Google’s YouTube came up with a plan to sponsor seven original long-form video series, which will be available for free on the platform.