Xbox Watch: Take A Look At Microsoft’s Stillborn Smartwatch

Xbox Watch: Take A Look At Microsoft’s Stillborn Smartwatch

With the Xbox One X scheduled to come out in a month, there is certainly a lot of hype. The console’s features are being discussed, including design, innovation and much more. Still, no one could have expected that one of Microsoft’s older projects would rise to the surface at the same time.

If the photos originally leaked to Suomi Mobiili are legit, then there really was an Xbox Watch in development in 2013. Thanks to these images, everyone is wondering what made production stop.

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As the Finnish website reportedly stated, Microsoft was working on its own smartwatch in 2013. The Xbox Watch, as it is supposedly called, was meant to be released in 2015. Based on the leaked images, the smartwatch would have sported a 1.5-inch touchscreen and switchable wristbands.

The Xbox Watch was rumored to have many names. Some of these names include the Microsoft Watch, Surface Smartwatch and several others. At that time, the watch could have been compatible with Windows 8 or even Windows 10, given it was supposed to come out in 2015. The only publicly known smartwatch featured by Microsoft is the Microsoft Band. Unfortunately, customers didn’t like it very much.

Suomi Mobiili further proceeds to reveal that the Xbox Watch would have been equipped with a magnetic connector for charging for safer and more reliable use. It was expected that this never-before-seen smartwatch would sync with Xbox Fitness Now, which, as many know, met its retirement in June.

Xbox Watch

The whole Xbox concept has vastly changed since Phil Spencer took over leadership of Microsoft’s video gaming brand. Users had to adjust to the reduced number of exclusive games for one of the most popular gaming consoles. The number of projects that are being worked on has undoubtedly been reduced since the leadership change.

It’s a little saddening to see that the Xbox Watch didn’t make it out to the public. Nonetheless, it seemed interestingly designed and very futuristic for the time. Perhaps, Microsoft wanted to focus on more important projects for the Xbox. After all, during that time, Microsoft was preoccupied with expanding the Xbox ecosystem. The Xbox is still loyal to this plan; in fact, the Xbox One featured some really great features, such as Xbox Play Anywhere.

All in all, we don’t know where the idea for the Xbox Watch really came from. Xbox is Microsoft’s gaming-related branch. Hence, it would be odd for it to release a smartwatch targeted at the fitness crowd. Still, perhaps Microsoft wanted to bind it to the console with some feature we are not aware of.

Xbox is not the only gaming company to try to feature something not related to gaming. Razer made the same attempt with its smart bands. Unfortunately, it didn’t bode well for that company either.

We can’t help but be intrigued with the unreleased Xbox Watch. We are also curious about why this information took so long to be leaked, if it’s even accurate at all. All we can do is hope that more information scratches the surface. Perhaps, Microsoft will decide to put the Xbox Watch to work soon.

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