The Top VC Investors In Software And Hardware Since The Last iPhone Launch

The Top VC Investors In Software And Hardware Since The Last iPhone Launch
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Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook will announce details of the iPhone 8 and—possibly—reveal the iPhone X, which has reportedly been created to mark the 10th anniversary of the product.

They have big shoes to fill, given the ongoing success of the smartphone. The iPhone 7 helped drive the company’s revenues to $45.4 billion in the quarter up to July, a rise of 7% year on year. Over the same timeframe, Apple sold more than 41 million devices, a 2% increase in volume.

With such big numbers, it’s small wonder that investors are keen to jump on potential tech-driven consumer hits. Indeed, since the previous iPhone launched last September, almost 3,000 different VC investors have been involved in at least one of the 3,774 deals in the computer hardware and software space globally, per the PitchBook Platform.

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Below are the top 11 investors in software and computer hardware since 16 September 2016—the date the previous iPhone was launched—along with their investment counts.

1. Accel (62)

2. New Enterprise Associates (60)

3. 500 Startups (59)

4. Bessemer Venture Partners (44)

5. Y Combinator (40)

T-6. Salesforce Ventures (39)

T-6. Andreessen Horowitz (39)

8. Battery Ventures (37)

T-9. Techstars (36)

T-9. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (36)

T-9. Index Ventures (36)

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