Taxing Businesses: Decline Of Listed Companies On Stock Exchange

Taxing Businesses: Decline Of Listed Companies On Stock Exchange

Part 4 of a series about Taxing Businesses

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This is an intriguing graph showing the decline of companies listed in the United States on the stock exchange. (These companies would be corporations whose's stocks are freely traded on a stock exchange, not pass-throughs).

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The tax changes in the 80s provided a tax incentive to change the business structure from C corporation to pass-throughs like LLCs. Originally, the IRS was very strict as to when a business could be treated a pass-through entity, however, that changed on January 1, 1997. That is when you see the ratio of listed companies the stock exchange drop dramatically.

Data Notes: Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED); Historical Data for listed companies The U.S. listing gap Craig Doidge, G. Andrew Karolyi, and René M. Stulz

  • FRED code for Number of Listed Companies for the United States (DDOM01USA644NWDB)
  • FRED code for Civilian Noninstitutional Population (CNP16OV)

Taxing Businesses

Taxing Businesses

Taxing Businesses

Taxing Businesses

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