This Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Has An iPhone X-Like Top ‘Notch’

This Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Has An iPhone X-Like Top ‘Notch’
Image Source: DBS Designing (screenshot)

Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy Note 8 is now available in stores. Android fans and concept designers have now shifted focus to the next year’s Galaxy S9. Samsung’s rival Apple has just unveiled its brand new iPhone X with a bezel-less display and a top ‘notch.’ One concept designer tried to imagine a similar notch on Samsung’s next-gen flagship. This new Samsung Galaxy S9 concept highlights the all-screen front and the top cutout.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 concept ‘notch’ looks better than iPhone X

The iPhone X’s front design looks beautiful, though some believe it’s an odd design choice. The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 concept comes from the YouTube channel DBS Designing. Samsung’s current flagship phones have no side bezels, though there are still slim bezels at the top and bottom. The concept has an all-screen display with virtual navigation buttons at the bottom.

At the very top of the front panel, you’ll notice a slim cutout that houses the front camera, ear speaker, the iris scanner, and other sensors. This Samsung Galaxy S9 concept might have been inspired by the iPhone X’s top notch, but it looks far more sleek and beautiful than Apple’s phone. The iPhone X cutout is more pronounced than the one you see in DBS Designing’s concept.

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Icons for time and date can be seen on the left side of the notch. Other icons such as WiFi, cellular strength, and battery are on the right side. The concept phone features a loudspeaker, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB Type-C port at the bottom. The designers believe Samsung won’t ditch the 3.5mm audio jack even though its rivals such as Apple have got rid of the feature.

The concept phone has dual cameras on front as well as back

The Samsung Galaxy S9 concept phone is made out of glass and metal, similar to its predecessor. DBS Designing imagined the device featuring an Infinity OLED display with a Quad HD+ resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio. The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the display. That is unlikely to be true because Samsung is still struggling with the fingerprint scanner. The feature is expected to debut with the Galaxy Note 9 in the second half of 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 concept runs Android 8.1 Oreo. It is powered by 6GB RAM and packs 128GB of internal storage. There is also a 3,600mAh battery. The device would run Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 845 SoC. Samsung has signed a deal with Qualcomm that makes it the first smartphone vendor to get the initial supply of Snapdragon 845.

DBS Designing imagines the S9 with a dual camera system on the back. It consists of two 18-megapixel sensors. The device also has a dual camera setup on the front, which includes two 13-megapixel snappers for selfies.

Will the actual Galaxy S9 feature a top ‘notch’ like iPhone X? Samsung has not confirmed it, but it’s entirely possible. The Korean company was recently granted the patent for a similar cutout at the top of a smartphone. The patent was filed in May 2016, long before rumors about the iPhone X began surfacing. The patent was granted by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS).

Galaxy S9 rumored specs

According to XDA Developers, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will have model numbers SM-G960 and SM-G965. They will retain the 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch screens from their predecessors. However, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus would offer only 4GB RAM and 64GB of base storage, sources told XDA Developers. Of course, Samsung will include a microSD card slot for further memory expansion. Just like Galaxy S8, the S9 will have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Previously, Korean site ETNews had reported that Samsung would use a Substrate-like PCB (SLP) mainboard in the Galaxy S9. The SLP mainboard will free up some internal space that could be utilized to make the device slimmer or add new features. The Galaxy S9 is expected to have a dedicated Bixby button on the side to activate Samsung’s AI assistant.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently revealed that the Galaxy S9’s dual camera system would be similar to the Galaxy Note 8. It means the setup would consist of a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, both of which will offer optical image stabilization (OIS) to help you capture high-quality images even in low-light conditions. The telephoto lens allows for 2x optical zoom.

Galaxy S9 to be unveiled in January?

Samsung traditionally launches the new Galaxy S phones in February or March. The Galaxy S8, which launched in April, was an exception because its release was pushed back due to the Note 7 debacle. However, Korean media claims the Galaxy S9 could be unveiled as early as January next year. The development of the S9 display panel started in April 2016, about 2-3 months ahead of Samsung’s usual timeline.

According to The Investor, the S9 will be unveiled in January and go on sale in February.  Sources told the publication that Samsung Display would start shipping OLED panels for the Galaxy S9 in November. Display panels are the first components to be shipped. From there, it takes about 2-3 months to fully assemble the first batch of smartphones.

The Investor claims Samsung is bringing the flagship device earlier than usual to defend its market share against Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone X, which will hit the stores on November 3rd. The iPhone X is expected to see brisk sales during the holiday quarter.

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  1. hows your battery life? reports are pouring in that it obliterates the phone. As far as Android being fractured, I don’t give a f I buy phones that allow me to update them. Why the f does what other people use, affect you? Get a life fanboy.

  2. Also I would like to point out that iOS updates usually make your older iPhones slower and slower to make them seem obsolete. There is no way to roll them back at all. With Android I get FAR more control as to the version I want to use. People like you make life on this planet harder by your sheer ignorance. You are intolerant of anybody speaking bad about a company who does everything in their power to be as anti-competitive as possible. I wish you the best for now because in eternity you will not be bothering me at all. Enjoy your iPhone X and your empty shallow hollow purchase.

  3. Apple fanboy lol. Nope, I’m just not someone that only goes with android. I like windows, Ubuntu, iOS, Linux, and android. Not a big fan of OS X, it’s an okay OS though. I’m not fighting for a company just to sound right, the android experience is cheap, buggy as hell, and fractured among its different OS as a result. I got iOS 11 yesterday the MINUTE of its release, took like 5-10 min to download. Will that happen on your essential with android P? Android R? Android S? People are free to upgrade their phones, which means you’ll have to keep upgrading your phone to have the current OS releases/patches that you should be getting for free from buying the phone but it’s bc the programmers for each company lag making their own version of the software that it comes late, different schedules for each major carrier and make/model, and that’s for the people that do get it. Fragmentation is a non issue until your relatively new phone that likely wasn’t cheap with a lot of life left in it receives no more major updates.

    It’s not that android doesn’t have interesting factors, just there are a lot of drawbacks. For the majority, they’re not pegged to just one brand like you, they run multiple software and hardware types as they see fit.

    Also, for gaming pc cost maybe bc it’s just bc you can’t add. Say you build one that’s pretty snazzy at $1,500…is that top tier? You’d place that among the top gaming pc builds? No room for improvement? Please. 3-9 months later, where is that $1,500 pc when new components get dropped? Buy two major ones, how much is that going to cost? 3-9 months after that? And so on. And that’s just saying keeping that rig, what if year 2 you want a case upgrade that allows for even more hardware…on and on.

  4. Continue living in lala land I give up trying to help you. I honestly don’t care. You are an Apple fanboy will who will fight til your last breath for a company who is very user hostile, just to sound right. To the rest of us, you sound like a religious nutter. Keep on doing you though. Name me 1 drawback from Android please. People are free to upgrade their phones, so fragmentation is a non-issue invented by Apple fanboys. I will await your reply.

    Also if you are paying 5 grand for a gaming PC you are more mentally stunted than I have patience for.

  5. The iPhone x 256gb is $1,150, not $1,500. Even at $1,500, that would not be a “stellar” gaming PC…even at cost of components, you also have to factor in the cost of constantly upgrading parts, they become money pits. The difference is even if it’s a $5,000 gaming PC, I’m not going to use that multiple times every single day, my smartphone I will. You mention ram and heat, yet android is the only one I’ve ever had a problem with either. My 7 plus can last for up to 1 hour light usage and still be at 100%, I have -never- seen any android do this. The performance of the x may be similar to the 8, but there is no reason for me to change my 7 plus for an 8 plus, it’d have to be that Samsung OLED screen.

    Also, argue all you want, but android is the cheap one, that’s why most people buy it…those non power user/non enthusiast people then don’t want to buy the newest thing, they just run it til it dies and then get another cheap phone. Also even if someone runs an iPhone, it’s not like they’re iOS OS X only, android tablets are ridiculously cheap. That way you can keep your main device long term and mess around with the cheaper devices and if they get messed up just replace it.

    You harp on the price, but they’re a monopoly, so they can charge what they want. Proprietary chip and proprietary OS. You can’t get it anywhere else, the snapdragon that’s in your phone is in how many other phones?

    Yes, it’s no surprise Apple isn’t heading innovation much. They’ve kind of become let android be the guinea pigs and the best of they adopt. If Apple died with Steve jobs then their value wouldn’t put them on pace to be the first company to break a trillion. I just don’t see why android users care so much, pointing out oh we had this first and oh we had that for x years. That’s great and all, but it’s all still on mass market hardware and software that has pros and cons. It’s like android users only remember that their phones have the positives without any drawbacks. ALL technology has drawbacks.

  6. Well that $1000 will have a tax on it making it $1080 for the base model. Thats like 137 dollars difference. That is food for a week.

  7. What major points, inquiring minds would like to know… Buy a OnePlus or a Pixel and always have the latest OS. I prefer having choice and a say in versus some company dictates to me what matters.

  8. You can get the same performance from Apple’s cheaper iPhone 8 though. Your benchmark argument is very tired as it does not reflect real world usage. I am waiting to see how that performance effects battery life and heat. You are also comparing a next generation chip to a last generation phone, but I digress. You have this 1 little thing. That is like saying that the sega genesis is faster than the SNES, which is a far assessment, but you are forgetting what makes people keep going back to Android. There are other things that matter other than processing power. Your ram will fill up with apps faster than mine will, forcing a reload, which eats battery life. You are also hindered by the walls put up by Apple. You can’t use a 3rd party app store, so you miss out on a TON of apps that Apple bans you from using because they say so.

    Every Apple innovation that has come to the iPhone has been copied from Android devices. Like every single one. The ability to copy and paste, the ability to use a wallpaper, notifications, ability to change the keyboard, having more than 5 screens, wireless charging, fast charging (which comes standard on Android phones but you have to pay extra for), a lower resolution generations old OLED panel.

    Face it you are over paying for what amounts to very little. For $1500 (because let’s not pretend you are getting the 64gb model) you can have a very stellar gaming PC with a GTX 1070 or even a 1080 if you shop around and core i7 7700k, a decent car, a travel trailer for hunting, a few rifles for hunting, a boat for fishing, tons of camping gear, etc the sky is the limit at this price point. Why waste THAT much on JUST a phone that you can’t even plug a pair of headphones into?!? By your logic, you get a car with a v12 that removed all the seats except the drivers seat. There is no more home button, why not put the headphone jack back?

    My top model phone costs me $500, yours costs 3x the amount, for what? A bigger number that doesn’t translate to real life? I don’t understand why you are sticking up for a company who doesn’t care about you. I wish I had $1500 to just waste on a new phone, I would buy 3 OnePlus 5s, and give 2 away as gifts to my loved ones.

    Also having the newest OS doesn’t mean that the apps magically stop working on Android, but on Apple they might because *reasons*… Your logic makes no sense here. I could understand if Apple released something outstandingly amazing but they haven’t. A low resolution screen, a faster processor, and no real innovation.

    Face it Apple died with Steve Jobs.

  9. Your $500 phone from the “future”with 8gb ram hits lower benchmark than the X and isn’t even the best android phone on the market today. It’s like that Lamborghini owner denying having lost to a Tesla, saying, I’ve got a v-12! The reason people are on older versions of android is they’re the cheapest phones around, and the android phone companies are very slow to program their version of the new OS that comes out, so the ones you do get you get a while after they’re officially out, and then they’re super quick to drop you for new OS updates at all. This leaves you without new OS not because the phone is from the future but because android OS is the worst fragmentation, users are all over the place with different OS because their phones don’t support the newest OS and were simply purchased for their low cost.

  10. The notch is not an iPhone design, it’s a Samsung design. Samsung filled for patent on this design in early 2016–that’s well before the iPhone 7 design let alone the iPhone X.

    https://www.phonearena .com/news/Embrace-the-notch-Samsung-design-patent-details-display-with-a-sensor-cutout-looks-awfully-familiar_id97783

  11. I bet fake news articles like this will keep popping up on all these wannabe news sites that probably get a few bucks from an agency hired by an agency hired by a consultant hired by a “supplier” for a well known smartphone company.

    It’s a blatant attempt to distract attention from S8 that just came out, and make people wait for a not-yet-announced S9, and at the same time, nudge them to believe that the mythical S9 will copy the same mistake that Apple did with the X.

  12. Actually I like iPhone X and it is the first iPhone i ever liked. New features are good (except faceId). Of course nothing new. Most of the stuff was already available in other phones but who cares they made a jump and caught up with the others. I would consider buying it only if it would come with a vanilla Android.

  13. You should watch the youtube videos where they turn phones into fidget spinners, I immediately thought of that when I read this comment.

  14. Case makers did that, Apple did not. By that logic my MSI laptop can
    charge via solar! The reason people are on older versions of Android is
    its so far ahead of iPhone that it really doesn’t matter. Let me know
    when you can change the home and lock screen in 4 years or so. Apple has
    a processor that has laptop grade speed, completely gimped by the fact
    that it ONLY has 3gb of ram. I can’t use it to do anything serious. That
    poor OLED panel has had part of it chopped out for whatever reason.
    That would bug the crap out of me. I have headphones I spent $300 that
    would be useless on that phone, and talk about removing features, why
    the heck remove the home button? Ok it’s gone, bring the headphone jack
    back so I can plug it into my car stereo. Everything about the iPhone X
    bugs me from the face unlock features to it’s apple price gouge. You
    don’t even get a fast charger for that $1500 because let’s face it you
    are going to get the 256gb model, because you can’t just plop a sd card
    in it, because Apple demands it. Enjoy it, but know that I wont be able
    to see those animated emojis on my 500 dollar phone from the future.

  15. Case makers did that, Apple did not. By that logic my MSI laptop can charge via solar! The reason people are on older versions of Android is its so far ahead of iPhone that it really doesn’t matter. Let me know when you can change the home and lock screen in 4 years or so. Apple has a processor that has laptop grade speed, completely gimped by the fact that it ONLY has 3gb of ram. I can’t use it to do anything serious. That poor OLED panel has had part of it chopped out for whatever reason. That would bug the crap out of me. I have headphones I spent $300 that would be useless on that phone, and talk about removing features, why the heck remove the home button? Ok it’s gone, bring the headphone jack back so I can plug it into my car stereo. Everything about the iPhone X bugs me from the face unlock features to it’s apple price gouge. You don’t even get a fast charger for that $1500 because let’s face it you are going to get the 256gb model, because you can’t just plop a sd card in it, because Apple demands it. Enjoy it, but know that I wont be able to see those animated emojis on my 500 dollar phone from the future.

  16. Iphone had qi 4 yrs ago too, just with qi cases, nothing new. It depends on the new releases, if you want to own it longer, with android you’re hung out to dry in like yr 3 and on OS wise.

  17. You won’t be owning it for that long, Apple fanboys like you will buy Apple’s next iPhone when they drop it for $1200 and it has this exciting new feature that they copied from Android, that Android phones had 4 years ago like wireless Qi charging and OLED panels lmao.

  18. 458ppi vs 521ppi, but hey great math though. I’d rather have 458ppi with higher benchmark and 4-5 years IMMEDIATE iOS support than be on a platform where only 13% of users are on current OS. Samsung displays on their infinity phones are the best though

  19. If I wanted a Samsung screen I would save my money and buy a Samsung. Also no it isn’t the resolution is like half that of the Galaxy S8. Your move.

  20. Is the processing power gimped by 3gb ram? Benchmarks and usage tests would show it if so. Yep it’s $1,150 for 256gb model iPhone x, $950 (plus memory card) for note 8, etc. Your phone costs like half of the iPhone because that was the value of that project for the company, a couple key features that are alright and the rest of the phone is lackluster. Even the top tier Samsung phones can’t get past the fact that android side doesn’t have good OS support, that the components and OS are strictly generic grade, and they cannot score as high benchmark. Even the teardown builds in the newer model android phones are getting worse, they want you to buy a new one, not repair it or modify it, just like Apple.

  21. OnePlus 5 is like $400 for the entry model, and the 8gb of ram with 128gb of storage is like $500. It has a headphone jack to boot, and I can still afford to feed myself. ;) Only a complete foo would pay THAT MUCH on a f king phone that will get replaced in like a year or two…

  22. All that processing power gimped by 3gb of ram, not to mention my phone costs like half of the iPhone X. $1000 for a phone with 3gb of ram and only 64gb of storage…. tsk tsk… there is more to life than benchmarks lol.

  23. Yes I’m sorry, $878 is MUCH cheaper for a far crappier essential phone, what was I thinking? Even though that’s only an $82 difference from the NOTE 8???

  24. Why is Samsung so quick to throw all this new stuff in their phones but so incredibly slow to upgrade their specs? STILL 4GB ram? Even the s8 has a version that has 6GB ram. Maybe this is why they’re failing the benchmarks, just get a proprietary chip going and OS where they wouldn’t completely crap out on OS support after you buy the expensive phone, and then just INCLUDE the best specs you can, not stopping at a certain point bc you don’t think people will care for more ram, etc.

  25. with 3gb of ram it sucks, all that processing power gimped by the lack of ram. Pay 1000 dollars for whats basically the same s as the last gen phones. I paid 400 bucks for my OnePlus 3t, 6gb of ram comes with fast charger in the box and doesnt have half its screen missing, oh and a nice headphone jack to boot, and a home button.

  26. I liked the sharp aquos, they’re like $50, you can expand them with a 128gb card, no bezel, 5″ phone, I thought the display was nice.

  27. The Tim Cook Apple isn’t the Steve jobs apple. Steve set it up and Tim is just maintaining. They do have some major points over android though. Samsung may have best infinity display, but android side OS support is just terrible. Get the Note 8 and will I get android S? How come no android maker uses proprietary chips or software yet? Why do android phones consistently get much hotter than iPhones during heavy use? With higher specs, why do android phones fail single and multi benchmarks against iPhones? Apple isn’t innovating on the tech front, but at the same time other than display they aren’t playing a game of catch up at all.

  28. You’re one of “those people” that claims some crappy contender is the best phone out there. The essential has a couple good points, and the other 85% is unrefined, poorly thought out, or just a straight rip off of the iPhone. What has essential brought to the table that other android makers haven’t already done?

  29. I have seen the back at least of prototype. And all I can say is that the fingerprint reader will be in a more comfortable place for easy reach.

  30. Yeah the iPhone INVENTED and REVOLUTIONIZED with that screen right? I guess the essential phone didn’t come out months earlier…

  31. I find it funny that Apple had to come out with 3 phones in one year just to catch up with Samsung. It’s also a shame that iPhone is the Grandfather of smartphones but for some reason they can’t catch up with the innovative technology and design of an android. Hey Apple can you not come out with a phone thats EXACTLY like the one your competitor came out with 5 months ago.

  32. my lumia 630 is 4 years old and it has no bezel and works great
    who gives a crap
    all these phones are a ripoff
    mine was free

  33. There will be an S9. It will come out predictably in the next spring in 2018. Samsung will likely tease a silhouette in a commercial in early February, announce the Unpacked in late February for a date in March, the event will take place in mid to late March, the the phone will come out in April. This happens, literally, every year. And every year, the web goes bananas around the launch of the iPhone as though its mere existence threatens Samsung’s continued existence.

    Rumors of early release of Galaxy Phones

    S8 November 2016

    S7 Oct 2015

    Nov 2015

    S6 December 2014

    S5 Oct 2013

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