Next-Gen Sony Phones To Feature Completely New Design


Sony has been selling smartphones based on almost the same design for years now. However, it has finally realized that it needs something different to stay relevant in this highly competitive. Thus, it has decided to completely revamp the design of its next-gen smartphones.

Sony India Managing Director Kenichiro Hibi explained to The Indian Express that the company has been using its so-called “OmniBalance” design for some years now and will continue to do so while the Xperia X-series remains in the market. However, in addition to the “OmniBalance” design, the Japanese firm is planning to offer a new generation of Sony phones based on a completely new design.

Though the executive did not say it would be ditching the OmniBalance design, there are rumors that the Japanese company might do so, according to Android Headlines. Reports suggest that the new design Sony is planning to implement could be called “Mirai,” and the first handset based on this new design could be showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next year. So there are good chances that Sony’s next flagship will come with the new premium design that Hibi is talking about, notes AH.

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As far as what this new design will be, there are no clues for now, but Hibi hinted that the new design will feature “a new generation of products.” The executive also talked about trends in smartphone designs, especially bezel-less screens with an 18:9 aspect ratio, notes DigitalTrends. LG and Samsung were the first to start the trend, and later, smartphones from Apple, Xiaomi, and Essential improved upon it, raising buyers’ expectations.

Sony phones have larger bezels than other handsets in the same category made by rivals. However, it is not known if the Japanese firm will opt for a bezel-less design for its next-gen Sony phones. There is also no information on if the company plans to carry forward the square corners and boxier design associated with the OmniBalance design.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing that Sony is coming up with a new design. A couple of weeks ago, someone claimed in a post on a forum dedicated to Sony rumors that redesigned Sony smartphones will be showcased at MWC 2018. The rumor also stated that the new design will be named Mirai (the Japanese word for “future”), notes Digital Trends. Sony has launched new phones at MWC in past years, so there are good chances it will do so again by unveiling next-gen smartphones with a completely new form factor at MWC 2018, which is scheduled at the end of February.

Meanwhile, Sony is set to launch the Xperia XZ1 Compact in the U.S. Starting next week, the handset will be available for purchase at retail stores. Buyers can now pre-order the handset on Amazon for $600, and they will get it next week.