LibreELEC 8.1.2 Beta Released: Download And Install Now

LibreELEC 8.1.2 Beta Released: Download And Install Now

Kodi is one of the most popular names in the cord cutting space. The software allows users to create one place for all of their media content. Of course, when a lot of people think of Kodi they think of free streaming services that may or may not be totally legal depending on who you ask. There have been a lot of crack downs on Kodi addons over the past year but the software is as strong as ever with new updates being released on a regular basis.

For those that want a basic Kodi experience on a dedicated media device then you will be happy to know the LibreELEC 8.1.2 beta is now released. If you haven’t heard of LibreELEC I will try to break it down for you. Basically, LibreELEC is a Linux-based operating system that puts Kodi front and center. It’s perfect for dedicated media boxes where you want a great Kodi experience and nothing else. The system is a fork of OpenELEC which may be more familiar to some.

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So, what does the LibreELEC 8.1.2 beta bring? There is a long list of bug fixes that you can read up about on the LibreELEC blog page. Hopefully you will see faster startup times as well as improved compatibility with various devices and components. Nothing too sexy here in the way of new features. The LibreELEC team does mention that they are hoping this LibreELEC 8.1.2 beta will be the last beta update before the full 8.2 release.

If you want a dedicated Kodi experience with a bare bones Linux operating system then LibreELEC seems like the best choice out there. Of course, getting Kodi 17.4 up and running is only half of the battle. After that you need to find working services or addons to get the most out of your Kodi setup. As mentioned, there have been a lot of issues with some of the most popular Kodi addons. Exodus, for example, was an incredibly popular addon before the creators abandoned it in fear of legal action. Some new addons have popped up to fill in the gaps but you have to wonder how long the cat and mouse game can go on.

To their credit, the Kodi team is working on better integration with legitimate services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Kodi wants to be the one place you go for all of your media content. How you get that content is up to you. In any case, if you are a fan of Kodi and you like setting up your own solutions then this LibreELEC 8.1.2 beta should be exactly what you’re looking for. Hopefully the new bug fixes and impending 8.2 release offer even better performance and entertainment.

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