TeamViewer Brings iPhone Screen Sharing To iOS 11

TeamViewer Brings iPhone Screen Sharing To iOS 11
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Mobile support for people using an iPhone on iOS 11 is about to get a whole lot easier with iPhone screen sharing – coming soon from TeamViewer. The company announced that iPhone screen sharing support would be coming soon to their app. This will allow support reps on Windows and Mac computers to see the screen of users with the TeamViewer iPhone app. While this feature isn’t as sexy as other iOS 11 features like the ability to customize Control Center or see indoor maps for places like airports on Apple Maps; it should prove to be very useful and time-saving for support reps and the people requiring support. If you have ever worked in a large office environment with off-site support and employees who have varying levels of tech knowledge then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

TeamViewer had this quote about their new feature:

Remote tech support to iPhones and iPads is now easier, and more effective than ever before. Feedback from TeamViewer users clearly communicated to us that the ability to view remote iPhone and iPad screens in real-time is vital to providing exceptional remote support.

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As more and more work is done on mobile devices, it only makes sense that support apps like TeamViewer’s QuickSupport app would bring iPhone screen sharing technology to the support world. Of course, this can also help people in their own personal lives as well. For example, my lovely grandmother is a pretty tech savvy lady but there are limits to what she can accomplish. Family members use screen sharing to help her complete some tasks that may be beyond her understanding. Now that she also uses an iPhone, this feature could come in handy as well. If you’re the default tech support rep in your family then you might want to check out TeamViewer’s iPhone screen sharing. The feature will be free until October 31st. There’s no mention of pricing after that but I imagine that there will some sort of fee or subscription associated with the app. We will keep an eye out for more news regarding pricing as it becomes available.

iPhone screen sharing is just one example of the great new functionality of iOS 11. If you haven’t brushed up on your iOS 11 knowledge yet we have a few helpful pieces for you. First, check out the top iOS 11 features to get up to speed. Then, become a master of iOS 11 with our top tips and tricks to use when you make the upgrade. iOS 11 will be coming very soon, likely alongside the launch of the iPhone X next week. Of course, if you can’t wait for the full public release of iOS 11 then you can check it out now by joining the beta program.

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