A look at expected iPhone 8 specs and features ahead of launch event

A look at expected iPhone 8 specs and features ahead of launch event
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As the unveiling date of the next generation Apple handset emerges, here ValueWalk examines all of the latest rumors, news and speculation regarding iPhone 8 specs and features.

Three models

Interestingly, it is suggested that the three iPhone releases in the coming months will all be branded as iPhone 8 devices. 9to5 Mac suggests that the three handsets will be called the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 Edition respectively. Sources from close to the Apple supply chain in China have reportedly leaked this information, which contradicts previous assumptions on the matter.

With two of these handsets expected to be updated versions of last year’s iPhone 7, it was widely anticipated that they would be branded as iPhone 8 models. However, it instead seems that Apple will unify its iPhone series with branding being consistent across the three releases. We now know that the iPhone 8 generation will emerge at the Steve Jobs theater on September 12, so it will be interesting to see whether this branding prediction comes to fruition.

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iPhone 8 specs and features emerge

Other iPhone 8 specs and features news has focused on the wireless charging functionality that the smartphone series is expected to deliver for the first time. This has already been a staple aspect of Samsung devices for some time, and now Apple is ready to follow suit.

It is believed that the wireless charging system included in the iPhone 8 will be rather unique. Reports have suggested that Apple has been tinkering with wireless charging at a hitherto unimaginable distance of 15 feet. If Apple could deliver this in 2017, it would certainly put the iPhone 8 ahead of the pack.

On the other hand, it has been reported that the wireless technology to be included in the iPhone 8 will be limited to a bandwidth of 7.5 watts. This is only around half the strength of the system already utilized in Samsung releases.

Elsewhere, functionality built into the iOS 11 mobile operating system includes a feature intended to encourage safer driving. This new system will block notifications when the handset is connected to a car and the device senses that it is in motion. It is obviously intended to ensure that driving with an iPhone present is safer.

Augmented reality

Another aspect of the iPhone 8 that Apple fans are particularly anticipating is the inclusion of augmented reality technology. This will deliver both security and gaming functionality, with Apple CEO Tim Cook having already offered his explicit public support for the concept.

In particular, this face-scanning technology will be utilized in order to unlock the device, with this been considered more secure than existing fingerprint technology. However, some reports on the iPhone 8 have still insisted that Apple will retain the fingerprint scanner in order to provide consumers with two viable options.

Screen resolution

The iPhone 8 specs and features will also be focused on improvements and upgrades from previous releases. Firstly, the resolution of the display in the iPhone 8 is said to be quad HD, which would be the first time that Apple has embraced this pixel quantity.

The Californian corporation has previously stuck steadfastly to its belief in emphasizing and developing other aspects of its flagship product. And it can also be said that Apple has not particularly focused on delivering outstanding specifications in general, rather concentrating on design and other aspects of the iPhone range.

But with Samsung having released Galaxy units with Quad HD+ resolution, and the general smartphone industry heading in this direction, Apple clearly feels it has fallen behind slightly in this department. Indeed, it is possible that the first mainstream 4K resolution mobiles will hit the stores next year, and Apple does not want to be left trailing in the dust of some of its biggest competitors, even if it is far from obsessed with specifications.

Aside from the resolution of the display, it has also been widely reported that the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED screen for the first time. This wraparound display will dominate the front panel of the iPhone 8, representing a major design change for the series. Sir Jony Ive, the design chief at Apple, had hoped to eventually introduce an edge-to-edge display, and it seems that this will be realized with the forthcoming iPhone release.

Home button gone

Also prominent among the new iPhone 8 specs and features is the notion that the Home button will be completely eliminated. This has been predicted for some time, but it now seems that Apple is ready to bite the bullet and integrate the functions of the Home button within the display of the device. This would seem to be essential if the wraparound display included is to dominate the front panel to the extent that has been predicted.

Powering the iPhone 8 generation will be a new A11 chipset, which is expected to feature a more efficient 10-nanometer architecture, according to Bloomberg. This should ensure that despite the bigger and more detailed screen that the performance of the device is still top-notch.

Other iPhone 8 specs and features will also be bumped up in order to deliver a tenth generation device that really impresses. This means that the staple aspects of the smartphone, such as RAM, storage and battery capacity, should all be increased in 2017.

The battery cell should touch 3,000 mAh, which coupled with the power-saving functionality built into iOS 11 should significantly increase the lifecycle of the smart phone. This will be quite welcome, as Apple iDevices have been criticized for poor battery life over recent generations.

RAM and storage

And the RAM memory included in the iPhone 8 is set to be increased by 50 percent to 3GB. This would still leave the smartphone somewhat behind some of its competitors, with the Galaxy S8, for example, featuring 4GB. However, Apple has always relied on a combination of proprietary hardware and software that is unique in the industry, and usually more than compensates for its meager specs in comparison to rivals.

One area where Apple has particularly insisted on delivering industry-leading specifications, though, is in storage, and this is set to continue in the iPhone 8 generation. Apple will double the native storage included in the OLED iPhone 8, offering users up to 512GB of internal storage. This is double the figure included in the recently unveiled Galaxy Note 8, although Samsung embraces micro SD, whereas Apple has been reluctant to include this in any of its smartphones.

Camera improvements

Of all iPhone 8 specs and features, the camera including can perhaps be considered the most important. And reports have indicated that the Cupertino-based company has been beavering away diligently on improving the shooting of the iPhone 8 camera in low-light conditions.

Apple may also offer improvements in the lenses included in the iPhone 8, after this was a particular focus of recent Samsung releases. Naturally this unit will also be optimized for augmented reality functionality, with 3D features a central aspect of its feature set.

Black, silver and gold options will be offered to consumers, according to the ever prolific Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. And it is generally believed that the entry-level model of the iPhone 8 will retail at $999. While Apple is taking a risk releasing a smartphone at this price point, the new iPhone 8 specs and features indicated here suggest that it should still sell as well as ever.

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