iOS 11 Home Button Delay Shown In Video

iOS 11 Home Button Delay Shown In Video

iOS 11 has been out in the wild for about a week now. As to be expected with any major public software release, there are a few bugs here and there that users have been discovering which may not have been completely fixed from the beta releases. For example, we have seen some battery life issues, WiFi problems, and messaging bugs. This new iOS 11 home button delay falls in a new category… Do we call it a bug or a feature?

If you have updated to iOS 11 then you have likely noticed this new behavior from your home button. It’s so minor that it may not bother some while it may be incredibly annoying to others. I guess it depends somewhat your own personal preferences. It appears the iOS 11 home button delay is a half second delay from pushing the home button to the home screen animation triggering. If you’re having trouble visualizing what I’m saying, check out this video for a better demonstration:

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As you can see, there is noticeable delay. Again, your level of annoyance with this delay will vary depending on your own personal preferences for how fast you want your home button to respond. Some people want instant response so they can move onto their next task while some people prefer the delay in animation which could make the transition seem more smooth.

Again, there has been no comment from Apple about whether this iOS 11 home button delay is purposeful or a bug in the software. It’s entirely possible that some open app in the background is causing a problem and it’s also possible that Apple designed a delay in the activation of the animation. If you’re not used to it and you expect fast response you may find yourself tapping the home button again before the animation has begun. It could take some getting used to.

Of course, there are the standard tech support resolutions. You could try a hard rest and see if that solves the issue. To do this, on iPhone 7 or earlier you will hold down the lock key and the home key until you see a black screen with an Apple logo. On the iPhone 8 you will hold down the lock key and the volume down key until you see that same screen.

If that doesn’t resolve this issue you could try a clean install of iOS 11 but, again, if this is an intentional design by Apple to delay the response of the home button then no amount of tech support tips will help you.

Let us know, have you encountered the iOS 11 home button delay issue? Do you think it’s a bug or a feature? Do you maybe even like the new delay in triggering the animation? Hit us up in the comments section below!

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