How iOS 11 Changes The iPad [INFOGRAPHIC]

How iOS 11 Changes The iPad [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the imminent release of iOS 11 many laptop users are wondering whether they should migrate to an iPad? Historically, iPads have been great for multimedia consumption and emails. However, new multi-tasking gestures and numerous other features will change how people use the iPad. This inforgraphic tries to shed light on some of the key changes.

The highlight of iOS 11 is probably the introduction of a native file management system. The files app allows users to access all their files – including the ones on the cloud – in one common space. In combination with the drag and drop functionality, it is even more useful.

The new dock and app switcher appear to have been borrowed from the macOS. The dock can hold more than ten applications at a time. Apple has also employed AI to predict the applications that the user would be likely to use and displays them at the right end of the dock.

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The app switcher is reminiscent of the mission control from macOS. The key difference being that it is possible to close apps from the app switcher. Further, it is interesting to note that apps being used side by side are conserved in the app switcher.

Note takers will appreciate the ability to use apple pencil on the iPad to take notes – even when the iPad is in sleep. These handwritten notes can now be searched in iOS 11. It’s a welcome change and will make it easier to look up that note you scribbled on the go.

Apple appears to have taken a leaf out of Google’s book and now allows users to customise the Control Centre. Instead of the multi-pane mess that it was in iOS 10, Control Centre is now more refined and restricted to a single pane that can be filled up with all kinds of toggles.

The QuickType Keyboard in iOS 11 now enables the users to insert numbers and other characters with a flick. Better still, one doesn’t have to leave the main keyboard interface to do this.

All these features add a lot of potential to the iPad. Everybody is not a programmer. To several users, these improvements would appeal enough to make them switch from a traditional laptop to an iPad.

Last year, the iPad – especially the Pro models – was a hard sell. This year, a lot changes with iOS 11. Though, it is still important to keep in mind the cost of the tablet and the accessories. Also, beware of the bugs that may come with the public release of iOS 11. Even with the frantic public betas, iOS 11 may still take a month or two to fully deliver on its promises.

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iOS 11 Changes The iPad

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