UPDATE – 09-14-2017: With both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 having been revealed, attention is slightly turning to the Google Pixel 2. This forthcoming smartphone from the mega-corporation is intended to establish Google as a major mobile market player. And we now know precisely when we will first set eyes on this device.

Apple sandwich

Google has set the launch event for the Pixel 2 on October 4. This suggests that the smartphone will almost certainly launch in the same month, which would slot the release date neatly inbetween the two handsets from Apple. The OLED iPhone X is set for a November release, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus upgrades due to appear later this month.

Google Pixel 2 Launch Event
Image Credit: Droid Life (screenshot)

Early promotional material on the Google Pixel 2 suggests that the next generation smartphone places a particular emphasis on Google Assistant functionality. The implication of the first advertis on the smartphone is that there will be more interactivity with this feature in the Google Pixel 2, and it will deliver more useful features.

Teaser video

A teaser video from Google focuses on several aspects of the Pixel 2, with battery, storage, photographic capabilities and artificial intelligence all implied by the presentation. In particular, it is suggested that Google will introduce optical image stabilization to its smartphone range this year, which will compensate for the lack of a dual-camera.

Google may also attempts to capitalize on the trends in the industry by producing a Pixel 2 device that is particularly sturdy and durable. It hasn’t escaped the attention of many market observers that glass is now an extremely prominent material in the smartphone industry, and actually this can make devices rather vulnerable to damage.

New specs

It is now also believed that the Google Pixel 2 will feature increased storage in comparison to previous releases. With the entry-level model of the original Google Pixel handset having been 32GB, the manufacturer is expected to double this once the Pixel 2 is unveiled. Sources close to the Google supply chain have indicated this, after they were contacted by 9to5Google.

“We can independently corroborate previous reports that both 64GB and 128GB models do exist. It’s possible that 64GB could be the new base storage option with this year’s iteration since we’ve yet to hear about any models with less than 64GB,” 9to5Google noted.

Another new aspect of the Google Pixel 2 will be the improved IP68 water resistance. This is now really considered to be the minimum level of dust and waterproofing that is acceptable, and Google would certainly benefit from taking this into consideration. Coupled with durable materials, this would make the smartphone a much more flexible performer.

Perhaps one of the most notable improvements linked with the Google Pixel 2, though, is the introduction of an always-on display. Such screens will feature in both the Google Pixel 2 smartphone and the Google Pixel XL 2 phablet, as the manufacturer improve the display technology in the device. This technology allows users to quickly check the time, app notifications, and more, without having to wake the display; thus providing convenience and power saving.

Display technology

Speaking of screens, the larger Pixel XL 2 phablet should feature a quad HD display, but this will not apply to the smaller Pixel 2 smartphone. The more affordable mobile will only feature a full HD screen, which nonetheless should be pretty decent considering the OLED technology utilized. Leaked data has already revealed that the smartphone Pixel 2 device will receive a five-inch display, with the phablet benefiting from a six-inch screen.

However, this increased functionality and durability will come at a cost to consumers. 9to5Google also suggests that the developer intends to increase the price of the Pixel 2, and that buyers should expect this increased price tag to be at least $50 higher. However, it is possible that the Google Pixel 2 will in fact cost $100 more than the last device in the series.

Headphone jack and sound

When consumers hand over this increased portion of money, they shouldn’t expect to receive a smartphone with a headphone port. Rumors are intensifying that the Google Pixel 2 will no longer feature a 3.5mm headphone jack, with Google eliminating this in favour of wireless music playback. This has already been carried out, of course, by Apple with its iPhone series.

Android Police suggest that both of the Google Pixel 2 releases will feature front-facing stereo speakers, delivering excellent sound quality at all times. But the latest reports have called into question the previous suggestion that the Pixel 2 wil benefit from a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 836 processor.

Snapdragon 836 debate

This would have been a major selling point for the Google flagship, yet the most recent indications are that Google has ultimately settled for an 835 due to logistical reasons. Perhaps cost was a particular consideration here, as the Google Pixel 2 will already be perhaps a little pricier than the manufacturer would ideally like. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 has already been included in the Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, Moto Z2 Force, LG V30, and Galaxy Note 8.

A recent filing by the FCC has leaked this information, with the text of the document indicating that the Google Pixel 2 will utilize the same processor as the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. However, despite this information, the notorious leaker Evan Blass remains convinced that the Snapdragon 836 will indeed appear in the Pixel 2.

Commenting on the issue, Blass’ account, @evleaks, tweeted that the owner hasn’t “heard anything further since my initial tweet, and since the source has proven accurate time after time, I stand by it”.

We will have to wait until October 4 to find out who is correct.

The Google Pixel 2 is now on the horizon, with the mega-corporation releasing the device into a highly competitive marketplace. With the Galaxy Note 8 having already been released, and the iPhone 8 unveiling date now leaked to the press, there is no doubt that the Google Pixel 2 will face massive challenges in attracting a niche.

There is not too long to wait in order to discover official confirmation from Google, as the search engine giant is expected to reveal both devices on October 5; just weeks after the release of the iPhone 8.

Google Pixel 2 Headphone Jack Renders
Image Credit: ApSciLeonard / Reddit (screenshot)

Google Pixel 2 Price

Pricing strategy will be incredibly important for the Google Pixel 2, with the smartphone required to compete against the formidable new iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 releases. Recent reports suggested that the smaller Pixel will debut at $649, with the larger unit retailing at $769. This will allow the manufacturer to significantly undercut rivals, with both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 retailing in the $1,000 ballpark.

Pixel 2 Specs

The latest reports also point to the specs of the Google Pixel 2 having been settled. It is believed that the smaller smartphone versions will feature a five-inch display with a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. The larger Pixel XL 2 will sport a

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