New Gmail Update Converts Addresses, Phone Numbers Into Links

New Gmail Update Converts Addresses, Phone Numbers Into Links
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Google has updated a feature in Gmail which converts details such as phone numbers, email addresses, contacts and mailing addresses into hyperlinks. The new Gmail update is available for the web and Gmail mobile app for iOS and Android.

Gmail update to help save time

In a blog post, the G Suite team said, “Gmail users often exchange information like addresses and phone numbers with each other to set up meetings, introduce colleagues and plan events.”

Too much time is consumed in copy and pasting the information from an email into other apps and websites, and therefore, the clickable hyperlinks are a step toward saving time and increasing efficiency, the post added. In order to hyperlink contact details, Gmail and Inbox do not need any special information. Google’s computers will do the trick by identifying the objects in photos, and thereby picking up the address or phone number.

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Once a user clicks the address inside Gmail or Inbox, they will land on Google Maps, whereas clicking an email address will open a new mail compose page in the user’s default email client. Similarly, when a user clicks a  contact number, the dialer on their mobile device will be activated.

Both Android and iOS offer the number linking feature at the operating system level, but other functions, such as linking contacts and addresses, is new to Gmail, notes The Verge. Gmail has stated that it will take one to three days to roll out the new feature to all users.

Other recent updates for Gmail users

The Gmail update comes close on the heels of the latest interface update for Android, which was released on September 15. The iOS version got the same update earlier. In the recent Android update, Google started allowing Gmail users to change their password and edit other account information. Earlier, this information could only be changed through the desktop version, which was definitely a shortcoming and not so user-friendly.

To edit their existing information, Android users need to tap on Settings and choose the account they want edit. On clicking “My account,” users will get a string of options, such as the sign and security option. Here, the user will be able to change their personal information and privacy settings, including basic information such as their name, profile photo and other details.

Another recent feature added to Gmail is the “Undo” button. If a user archives or deletes a message by mistake, it can be undone by tapping on the “Undo” button. Google also recently introduced an anti-phishing mechanism for users who access Gmail on iOS devices. The feature will alert users of potential phishing attacks if they click an unsecured link. Another recent feature added to Gmail is “Swipe to Archive,’’ which works in Gmail v7.7 and beyond.

Google’s recent Gmail update is not that novel, but it is definitely useful for users to perform certain actions more quickly. Since these updates are rolled out in stages, some users might see them, while others don’t quite yet.

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