BlackBerry Comeback: The Company Is Reborn As A Software Company

BlackBerry Comeback: The Company Is Reborn As A Software Company
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This year was full of surprises. Apple didn’t stop at making only iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and featured the arriving iPhone X. Google is announcing new Pixel phones on October 4th. What is a wonderful surprise is the news of BlackBerry comeback.

It is a known fact that BlackBerry has been struggling with its products over the past few years. How could it not? The past few years welcomed many futuristic gadgets, including high-end iPhone devices and even more Android-friendly devices. BlackBerry’s operating system had a hard time fighting that.

When everyone was convinced BlackBerry was to meet its end, it is making a debut as a software company. The BlackBerry CEO John Chen is going to lead the business towards its journey as a software company focused on security.

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One month ago, BlackBerry said that it’s releasing its own software dedicated to its mobile phones. The future smartphones are going to feature this software together with Google’s Android 7 Nougat operating system.

BlackBerry was one of the leading companies focused on smartphone manufacturing back in 2009. It had control of the market with a 41,6% share at the end of the year. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, Samsung and Apple vastly progressed during 2013 and gained quite the share of the market. That’s when John Chen, the current BlackBerry CEO joined the team. Unfortunately, it was too late. BlackBerry had just about 3% share of the smartphone market.

In the last four years, BlackBerry has made several attempts to return in the game as the leading smartphone company. Sadly, unsuccessfully. No one knew whether the company will continue to battle the market and withdraw. Luckily, it is. However, this is a different market we are talking about.

Everyone seems to be pleased that Chen took the initiative to turn BlackBerry into a software company, BlackBerry comeback appears to be paying off. It’s never easy to face defeat. BlackBerry had to face it several times, although, now, it was worth it. The revenues the co