Best Uber Alternatives For London

Best Uber Alternatives For London

The loss of Uber has some people in London scrambling to replace their trusted method of transportation around the city. It also has some Uber users around the world worried about what could happen if regulatory bodies crack down on Uber in other cities. It’s time to look at the best Uber alternatives for London. But first, let’s try to understand the background as to why Uber is no longer available for Londoners and tourists to use.

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The transportation regulator that licenses for-hire vehicles in London deemed Uber “not fit and proper” to operate in the city. That’s basically the most British way of saying, “Your app is whack.”

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There were a number of concerns that regulators felt Uber did not properly address. For example, they felt that Uber did not have an adequate reporting process for serious crimes. There was also an issue surrounding access to Uber’s system which hindered the abilities of regulators and law enforcement to do their job. Basically, Uber (allegedly) did not want to play ball so they didn’t have their operating license renewed. A harsh punishment, for sure.

However, the lack of Uber doesn’t mean the fine people of London don’t still need to get around. Luckily, there are some alternatives to Uber that may help fill the gap left by the world’s most popular ride sharing service.


Okay, so Lyft doesn’t yet operate in London which makes it a pretty terrible way to start the “Uber alternatives for London” list. However, there have been rumors that Lyft is ramping up to open up shop in London as soon as possible after the loss of their biggest competition. In fact, some documents have shown that Lyft has already met with transport officials. They likely want to ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes that Uber made which caused them to lose their operating license. If Lyft comes to London soon then it would immediately take top spot as the best Uber alternative due to their similarities. The rest of the options on the list are great but they don’t truly replace all of the things that people love(d) about Uber.


MyTaxi uses a mobile app like Uber to connect users with transportation options. Best of all, since the loss of Uber, MyTaxi has cut prices with a 50% discount that is applied automatically. They don’t say how long this will last but clearly they want to try to earn some of the business that is ready to be taken after the loss of one of their biggest competitors. The new pricing makes MyTaxi one of the best Uber alternatives for London.

Addison Lee

People who have been ordering transportation in London likely used Addison Lee prior to the arrival of Uber. Addison Lee uses a mobile app to hail a taxi so it’s not a true Uber replacement. Rather, the app connects users with existing cab companies without the need to make a call and order a cab. The prices are higher than a lot of other options but they do have a solid history of serving customers and can definitely be trusted with your business.


Gett is a lot like Addison Lee in the sense that they connect you with existing taxi companies. One of the major advantages of Gett is that they operate outside of London as well so you can use Gett if you are in a nearby city or town that may not be serviced by other providers. They offer flat rate pricing which should help you better budget for your next taxi ride.

The above options are just a few examples of Uber alternatives for London that you can use after the loss of Uber. Of course, if you are true Uber fan and you can’t stand losing your favorite ride sharing service then you can always work to get Uber back up and running in London. There is a petition currently going around which seems to be gaining some serious steam. If you don’t want to use any of the alternatives then getting Uber back may be your only option. In any case, for now, it seems like you will have to use an alternative to Uber… Or walk.

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