Apple’s Beats Studio3 Headphones price, specs and features

Apple’s Beats Studio3 Headphones price, specs and features
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Apple has launched a new product recently. Before you get your tent and canned foods packed up to camp outside the Apple Store; no, this is not the iPhone 8 launch. The date of the suspected iPhone 8 launch has not changed. You still have to wait another week to see the iPhone 8. Today’s big Apple launch is the new Beats Studio3 headphones. This is another option is Apple’s headphone lineup for those that want something a little bigger than AirPods. Check out the reveal video below:

Whether you like Beats headphones or dislike them, you have to admit… Those are some very nice headphones. Easy on the eyes, for sure. But are they going to be worth their $350 price tag? Let’s look at some of the promises made with the Beats Studio3 headphones.

First, these new headphones are meant to be used wirelessly over Bluetooth. There is an option to attach a 3.5mm cable to the headphones but, of course, that won’t help very much if you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Bluetooth is king in Apple’s lineup but it is nice to see that they have still included the option for a wired connection to accommodate those of use who are still living in mid-2016 before the headphone port died.

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Inside the Beats Studio3 headphones you will find the W1 chip that is found in Apple’s AirPods. This allows the headphones to transmit basic information like battery life. With wireless headphones become more popular you are going to see this kind of tech a lot more in upcoming product launches.

These new Beats Studio3 headphones also have active noise cancellation which is a feature I would expect in a set of $350 headphones in 2017. A built-in microphone listens to ambient noise around the user and factors that into the sound that the user hears to produce a pure sound with no interruption from the outside world. This is a really handy feature for those that travel a lot on airplanes or public transit, for example. It’s not such a necessary feature if you mainly just use your headphones in a quiet setting.

The battery life is quite impressive on these new cans. Apple promises 40 hours of battery life or 22 hours when using the noise cancellation feature. Those are great battery stats for a pair of headphones, even when using the noise cancellation feature. You should be able to get some great use out of a single charge. Again, that should be especially important to those that travel quite a bit and may not be around an outlet or charger for some time.

These new Beats Studio3 headphones are available for sale from Apple starting now. However, the expected shipping date isn’t until October. If you plan on dropping $350 on these headphones, just make sure you’re ready to wait a little bit. Luckily, they will be here in time for the holiday shopping season.

What do you think of these headphones? Did Apple hit a home run with the Beats Studio3’s or will you look elsewhere for your next pair of headphones?

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