Apple iPhone 8 Release Date Leaked Again, This Time By A Carrier

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date Leaked Again, This Time By A Carrier
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Loose lips sink ships… And they also leak smartphone release dates, apparently. Just days ago we found out about a major upcoming Apple event on September 12th and now, apparently, a carrier has leaked the Apple iPhone 8 release date. Of course, everything surrounding the iPhone 8 release and announcement is just rumor for now. But, really, what other event would Apple be planning for September? This is iPhone season, baby!

The rumor about the Apple iPhone 8 release date comes via a Tweet from noted Apple leaker, Benjamin Geskin. He says:

O2 have confirmed to staff members that iPhone 8 release date is 22nd September in stores.

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O2 is a British cellular carrier. It seems odd that they would already be confirming to staff that the iPhone 8 is coming on September 22nd for sale in stores. I used to work at a major cellular carrier and release dates were always kept under wraps from staff. Even store management and regional managers were kept in the dark to prevent leaks from getting out. Either someone high up at O2 likes to talk about things they shouldn’t or they have a very loose information policy. There’s also the possibility that this date is completely made up. However, with the September 12th launch event and Apple’s previous history; a September 22nd release date makes a lot of sense and is perfectly in line with what Apple likes to do when they release a new iPhone.

I’m not very surprised that the Apple iPhone 8 release date has been leaked. The iPhone 8 has been more leak prone than a boat made out of chain link fencing. All summer long we have had a steady stream of iPhone 8 leaks. There’s pretty much nothing left to surprise us about the device. Even Apple got in on Leak Fest 2017 when they accidentally left a bunch of iPhone 8 details in their HomePod firmware which was sent out to developers. When Tim Cook shows the iPhone 8 on stage September 12th, there’s not going to be much we don’t already know. Sure, there may be a few new software features here and there but most of the main features and changes in the iPhone 8 are pretty well-known at this point.

For example, we know the iPhone 8 is getting a radical new design that’s a complete departure from the basic iPhone design that has been around since the iPhone came to be. Bezel-less displays are all the rage right now in the smartphone design world and Apple isn’t going to miss out on that trend, it seems. The iPhone 8 will sport and edge to edge display with no bezels to speak of. This is also the first OLED display to be used in an iPhone. The result will surely be one of the most beautiful displays on the market this fall.

However, with the reduction of the bezels comes the loss of the home button. The home button has been an Apple mainstay in every single iPhone model until now. The biggest question with the loss of the home button is how users will navigate through their iPhone. According to a recent report, the iPhone 8 will use gestures instead of a physical home button. I’m very excited to see these gestures in action. Some iPhone users are surely going to miss the home button. TouchID could be a casualty of the home button removal. There is still no solid report on where TouchID has been moved. Most people believe the Apple has integrated TouchID into the power/lock button but there has also been speculation that TouchID could be embedded under the display, mounted on the back of the device, or removed completely. That last option seems the least likely but nothing is off the table right now.

One of the things we are waiting to find out is what the price will be on the Apple iPhone 8 release date. Many industry analysts have been suggesting the iPhone 8 price could start around $999 and increase from there. That’s certainly a hefty price to pay for a smartphone. However, if I know anything about iPhone releases it’s that people will be lined up on release day to be the first with an iPhone 8 in their hands.

After a summer of rumors and speculation, it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. The iPhone 8 is set to be revealed to the world on September 12th with the Apple iPhone 8 release date falling on September 22nd. This is the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone and you can bet Apple will pull out all the stops to make sure that this year is one to remember. Will you be standing in line on September 22nd to pick up the iPhone 8 or are you the kind of person to take a wait-and-see approach?

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