Amazon Said To Be Developing Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses [REPORT]

Amazon Said To Be Developing Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses [REPORT]
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Amazon is reportedly working on a wearable, which will most probably be a set of smart glasses powered by Alexa, according to the Financial Times. Amazon has reportedly hired several members of the Google Glass team. In 2014, the company also hired Babak Parviz, the founder of Google Glass. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Amazon is working on smart glasses.

Alexa-powered smart glasses different from Google Glass

Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart glasses will reportedly be built on bone-conduction technology, meaning that users would not need earphones or speakers to operate Alexa. Bone conduction technology is a type of audio system that transmits vibrations through the bones of the inner ears straight to the cochlea. From there, it is sent to the auditory nerve and the brain.

If Amazon really is working on Alexa-powered smart glasses, it must not forget to learn from the failures of Google Glass. Amazon’s smart glasses may not be equipped with a camera, and neither will it come with a heads-up display, as Google Glass did. Amazon might be looking to cut down on frills to offer longer battery life in its smart glasses.

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At the time Google came up with its smart glasses, it was an exciting technology, but there were hardly any takers. The main reason behind the failure of the glasses was people’s reluctance in wearing the device if they did not need corrective glasses. Even those who need to wear corrective glasses often opt for more sophisticated contact lenses for the simple reason that they do not want to put something on their face, notes VentureBeat.

Reportedly, the online retailer plans to reveal its Alexa-powered smart glasses during a product launch event alongside a home security camera which will integrate with the Echo Show video screen. Various other reports have also pointed at the release of a new version of the Fire TV, Amazon’s streaming media set-top box, with an Echo-style speaker system built-in.

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