17-yr Old Investor Impresses With Early Interest In Microcaps

    A few weeks ago, GeoInvesting analyst, Siggy Eggert, sat down with Michael Liu, an 17-yr old microcap investor. We wanted to learn more about how he got started investing in stocks while he was just in high school and why he later chose microcaps as the core of his investment strategy. I first met Michael when we shared a train ride from Trenton, New Jersey to New York City, and then a taxi ride on our way from Penn Station to a Fred Rockwell’s Microcap Conference in October 2016.

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    Then in July 2017, Michael Liu submitted an article to GeoInvesting on one of his top picks, MamaMancini’s (OTCQB:MMMB).  I was very impressed with Michael’s writing style and ability to clearly communicate his investment thesis.

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    So, I thought it would be a great idea to invite Michael to Geoinvesting’s headquarters in a small town called Skippack, Pennsylvania (befitting for microcap junkies), to interview him one on one. I’m always excited to meet young investors that are mature enough to understand the investing advantage microcaps offer. I love that Michael’s investing journey began after participating in a high school stock market competition. This mimics one of the first steps in my own journey, while in the 11th grade.

    At a time where interest in microcap stocks is at an all-time low (at least that’s my observation since I’ve been investing for nearly 3 decades), we need more youngsters like Michael to help strengthen the microcap space for future generations.

    The following video clips showcase Michael as he talks about his stock picking style, favorite stocks and the positive role GeoInvesting is playing in his development as an investor. Building a community focused on highlighting quality microcaps is a challenge, given the lack of interest in the space.  Hearing stories like Michael’s provides our team with continued motivation to educate and improve the way we deliver our message and shape our products.  Enjoy, and please consider becoming a member the keep learning and benefitting from the power of knowledge.