Warren Buffett poised to win “Million-Dollar Bet” ahead of 87th birthday

Warren Buffett poised to win “Million-Dollar Bet” ahead of 87th birthday

In honor of Warren Buffett’s 87th birthday, which happens Wednesday, August 30, BetDSI.eu has opened a prop bet with the odds of Buffett winning The Million-Dollar Bet.

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In 2007, Buffett entered a wager with Protege Partners where he proposed the S&P 500 would outperform a portfolio of hedge funds. The wager, tracked by LongBets.org, has a settle date of December 31, 2017, and Buffett is an overwhelming favorite to win.

Winner of the “The Million-Dollar Bet” (according to LongBets.org/362/)

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Warren Buffett -3000
Protege Partners +1200

If a bettor wanted to wager on Buffett winning, he would have to risk $3000 to win $100. The underdog, Protege, would pay out $1200 on a $100 bet. In May, Ted Seides  penned an article for Bloomberg where he essentially conceded the bet to Buffett.

According to Forbes, Buffett is worth $77.3 billion, and the $1 million he is expected to win from this wager will be donated to the Girls Incorporated of Omaha.

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