Warren Buffett On Leadership – What Makes The Best Leader Or CEO

Warren Buffett On Leadership – What Makes The Best Leader Or CEO

Qualities needed to be the best leaders are explained by billionaire Warren Buffett. Who has exemplary experience of evaluating and selecting managers, analysis of companies and their CEO’s. He praises Jeff Bezos of Amazon in this video

Disciples of the investing firm Berkshire Hathaway and its legendary leader, Warren Buffett, know that his mentors in investing were Benjamin Graham, Dodd, and Charlie Munger. But when Lawrence Cunningham, author of the recently-published Berkshire Beyond Buffett, asked Warren who should write the foreword, Buffett immediately suggested his friend of more than 40 years—Tom Murphy.

“Most of what I learned about management, I learned from Murph,” Buffett told Cunningham. “I kick myself, because I should have applied it much earlier.”

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Along with Buffett himself, Murphy is one of eight CEOs praised in The Outsiders, a cult business classic beloved of investors like Bill Ackman, which attempts to define what differentiates a small number of leaders who massively outperform the market. Buffett is quoted in that book as saying that “Tom Murphy and [his long-time business partner] Dan Burke were probably the greatest two-person combination in management that the world has ever seen or maybe ever will see.”

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Warren Buffett On Leadership - What Makes The Best Leader Or CEO


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