TopGreener’s Fast-Charging Solutions For Fast-Paced Consumers

Fall is fast approaching, which means stores are already gearing up for the holidays.  Before you know it, your relatives will be showing up.  You’ll be blowing up air mattresses, making sure there are plenty of drinks on hand. A lot happens during the holidays, and your wall outlets will be backed up with everyone making sure their devices are fully charged so they don’t miss a beat.  No one can go anywhere without their devices these days whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, or portable speaker.  They’ll all be toting their chargers, too, and your home USB Charging station will be backed up till Easter.

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Topgreener TU11548A USB Charging

Why don’t you take one thing off your list of holiday grievances, and upgrade your current power outlets to TopGreener’s Power Outlets with USB? Make your own USB charging station and quick charge all your devices simultaneously.  TopGreener’s line of USB outlets offers the fastest charging speeds available to all your devices.  You can plug straight into the wall without an adapter.  Get rid of the extra clutter, and get more power to your devices faster.  Each port is equipped with an intellichip that reads the power needs of your device, and delivers optimum power without slowing power to other ports in the outlet.  All ports are also tamper-resistant, ensuring those little ones won’t get hurt or stick their toys where they don’t belong.

The Topgreener TU11548A comes with a standard receptacle and two USB charging outlets. This is great for USB-charged devices from Samsung, Apple, Bluetooth, HTC and more.  Have a Qualcomm quick charge device?  Install the TU1152QC, which comes with a standard receptacle and two Quick Charge outlets, providing 75% faster charging to compatible devices.  Or if all you need is USB power, make your own USB charging station and switch to the Enerlites 62000-USB48, which charges four devices at once, without adapters, and without compromising charge power in individual ports when multiple devices are plugged in at the same time.

It’s easy to replace any of your standard electrical outlets for adapter-less high speed charging.  You can do it yourself in a matter of minutes.  You know your relatives will be lined up to charge their devices when they arrive, and after Black Friday you’ll probably have more devices than your current charging station will hold anyway.  These wall outlets offer fast charging and will be a life saver before and after the holidays, so upgrade your power outlets today and take advantage of fast charging time for everyone.

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ValueWalk and s{className:’bold’,text:’*{href:’’,text:’TopGreener’}’} giveaway of two ho… in Contests!!! on LockerDome