The Top 10 Managed Futures Managers Of July

The Top 10 Managed Futures Managers Of July
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If you ignore risk metrics, RCM’s due diligence, and exclusively sort by returns only, these are the Top 10 Managed Futures programs in July. Click through on the manager and program names to view their profiles in our database. For a much more detailed and analytical ranking system, check out RCM’s Managed Futures Rankings.

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(Disclaimer: past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Programs listed do not represent all available programs in the managed futures universe.  The Max DD represents the worst drawdown of all time for the listed programs).


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Manager July RoR Max DD Min Investment
Covenant Capital Management -
CCM Optimal (QEP)
19.74% -93.95% 500,000
AIS Capital - 3X -
6X (QEP)
10.55% -92.76% 250,000
Cafe Trading Advisors - Coffee Program (QEP) 10.53% -12.46% 15,000
White Indian Trading -STAIRS 9.96% -32.93% 250,000
Vivienne Investissement, Mach 5 (QEP) 9.91% -37.62% 1,000,000
Superfund Capital Management, Green Gold C SPC 8.96% -72.10% 1,000,000
Worldwide Capital Strategies, Profit Quest Macro (QEP) 8.83% -39.16% 100,000
Eagle Trading Systems Inc., Eagle Global 8.76% -54.50% 1,000,000
John Street Capital, Vantage Strategy 8.58% -19.54% 100,000
Michael J. Frischmeyer, CTA 8.07% -82.70% 40,000

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