The HomePod Firmware May Have Revealed An iPhone 8 SmartCamera

The HomePod Firmware May Have Revealed An iPhone 8 SmartCamera

This week has been the week of Apple leaks thanks to Apple themselves.The HomePod firmware was available for download by developers and Apple wasn’t very careful in scrubbing some previously secret details from the firmware before release. The reveal of the iPhone 8 SmartCamera may be one of the most juicy leaks courtesy of the HomePod this week.

Since the HomePod will run iOS just like a range of other Apple devices, there was a lot of information in the firmware that related to devices like the upcoming iPhone 8. One of the more interesting pieces was the mention of an iPhone 8 SmartCamera within the code. There were several lines of code that related to the SmartCamera features and they give us an idea of what this top-secret SmartCamera may be able to do.

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