Tesla Model Y Launch Date Coming Sometime In 2019

Tesla Model Y Launch Date Coming Sometime In 2019
Image source: Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 has only been out in the hands of the public for a couple of weeks but the automaker is already looking ahead to their next big launch. Elon Musk confirmed that the next vehicle from the electric manufacturer will be the Tesla Model Y. And, before you ask, the Tesla Model Y launch date was revealed… Kind of. Tesla expects to launch the Model Y sometime in 2019. That’s a pretty broad timeline but it’s nice to know they already have development underway and are confident enough to put forward an expected launch date – even if it isn’t as specific as some would like to see.

So, what do we know about the Tesla Model Y? Elon Musk revealed a few key details already. The Model Y will be a crossover SUV. So, you can likely expect something a little smaller than the Tesla Model X. Perhaps, with the reduced size, Tesla plans to continue with both the Model X and Model Y in their lineup? It’s too early to make that call for now but it will be interesting to see if the manufacturer continues with two SUV models in their lineup or if the Model X is dropped once the Model Y launches.

Elon Musk also made a very interesting comment about the Model Y. He mentioned the strides that Tesla has been making in reducing wiring in their models. He mentioned that the Model S required 10,000 feet of wiring while the Model 3 only required 5,000 feet. He went on to reveal that the Model Y will only need 328 feet of wiring. How this will be accomplished isn’t exactly clear. Musk said that the Model Y will utilize new voltage and power transmission hardware but stopped short of revealing any specific details. The reduction of wiring should make mass production easier and reduce problems for Tesla owners. As vehicles become more and more advanced we are seeing that a lot of problems stem from issues with wire harnesses and even the wires themselves. If Tesla can reduce the wiring they can reduce the areas for a fault to occur and, if a fault does occur, they have greatly reduced the diagnostic work that needs to be done in order to fix it.

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The above image was also shown by Tesla to tease the Model Y. We’re still a long way away from the Tesla Model Y launch date but it’s nice to see that there is already a solid design that the company feels comfortable in teasing. At first glance it may seem like there isn’t a lot to see here but there are some important details to check out.

First, where are the mirrors? Is Tesla going to use some sort of camera system in the Model Y to replace mirrors? Do they fold out when needed? Keep in mind, this vehicle is still two years away. Perhaps Tesla expects self-driving vehicles to be much more common once the Tesla Model Y launch date rolls around. Mirrors may be a casualty of the self-driving era.

We also see that large, beautiful windshield. If you have ever sat in a Tesla or seen some of the videos; you know how amazing that windshield is and the open feeling it gives the interior. Good to see that Tesla plans to keep that in the Model Y.

The aggressive front end kind of fades into black but it looks like Tesla will be using a similar design for the grille as we see in the Model 3. It’s certainly a design that stands out. Some may love the front end design of the Model 3 while others miss the classic grille style. I’m personally a fan of the design and it would be very cool to see that design element carried on through future Tesla vehicle models.

As mentioned, the Tesla Model Y launch date is still two years away but we already know a fair bit of information about Tesla’s next big project. Of course, right now the company is focusing on their newly launched Model 3. The Model 3 is Tesla’s first crack at mass production of a vehicle. By time 2019 rolls around, Tesla is hoping to be able to pump out half a million vehicles per year. That would be a huge success for the company who, until now, has been making small amounts of highly sought-after vehicles. Mass production should also allow Tesla to continue lowering the prices of their vehicles as well. We have already seen this with the Model 3 which starts at a very reasonable $35,000 before any incentives have been applied. Hopefully the Model Y follows the same trend and comes with a very reasonable crossover SUV price tag which makes it competitive with other vehicles on the market.

What do you think of the Model Y details so far? Would you consider a cost-effective, mass produced Tesla SUV? I’m an SUV man myself so I am going to be watching the Model Y rumors with a lot of interest over the next few years.

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