Sony Releases PS4 5.0 Beta Update: Here’s What New

Sony Releases PS4 5.0 Beta Update: Here’s What New
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Sony has released system software update version 5.0 for the PlayStation 4 for closed beta testing. Compared to version 4.5, the update does not offer any major changes except for little tweaks here and there.

What’s new with the PS4 5.0 beta update?

The PS4 5.0 beta includes new features such as a family management system, 1080p 60fps broadcasting for the PS4 Pro and the ability to toggle between notifications on and off while watching a movie or a TV show. The update makes it easier to control network accounts for children and customize parental control settings. Sony revealed that there will be new web apps which will  assist in managing the family accounts and accessing parental controls/family membership options.

Further, the new update offers greater management tools in the Friend list, offering the ability to set up separate lists of friends. The PS4 5.0 beta replaces the current Favorite Groups” tab with a new “Custom Lists” tab within Friends. With better management tools, the user will be able to play games with their friends, send them invites and so on.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s Andrew Kelly explained, “You can create a custom list of your Destiny teammates and easily send them raid invites.”

Sony has also added some VR-related settings as well, dubbed as “Display Message to Spectators and Spectator Comments.” After the user activates the option, spectator comments will be displayed in cinematic mode, along with the VR mode, allowing the player to read comments and interact with spectators through the PS VR headset.

More options for Twitch Users and users with communities

The PS4 5.0 update also adds more options to the Quick menu. For instance, the user will be able to check on download progress and access Spotify playlists easily.

The PS4 5.0 update also has something for players who have set up a community. A user with a community can now link it to their live gameplay broadcasts. Once the broadcast is linked to a community, a button will be displayed on the “Live from Playstation” spectator screen, enabling the user to land on the community page.

The Sony PS4 5.0 update will also be beneficial for Twitch users, as the PS4 Pro will now support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch. Sony has added the feature just in time given the fact that the Xbox One X will stream at 720p and 1080p resolution, and depending on bandwidth limitations, 4K could also arrive in the future. However, the user will have to get the $399 version of the PS4, which was released last November.

Apart from these changes, Sony will also add support for bundle and compilation discs, with or without add-ons, and for discs that support games and add-ons that do not require the developer to rework any code.

Kelly stated that those who are signing up for the beta version will get an email from Sony with instructions to download if they have been selected to test the beta version. As of now, Sony has not given any fixed date for the release of a firmware upgrade, but according to Eurogamer, it will arrive “in the near future.”


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