American Century Investments On Passive Investing , Big Data, Uncertainty And More

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American Century Investments

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Unstructured data, such as transcripts from corporate earnings calls, offers important insight into a stock’s potential performance—but it can be difficult to quantify. That’s why automation is so useful. Read more from Chief Investment Officer Vinod Chandrashekaran.

Putting Big Data To Work

One Thing’s for Certain: Uncertainty

As uncertainty lingers around President Donald Trump’s ability to successfully implement his reflationary agenda, Chief Investment Officer Keith Creveling shifts his focus to fundamentals.

Passive Investing Comes with Valuation Risks

“Passive funds have no valuation discipline, meaning that they often have overweight positions companies and sectors that have previously outperformed.” Chief Investment Officer Phil Davidson on passive investing vs. value investing.

An Eye on Opportunity Amid Evolving Themes

With politics trumping policy implementation, investors are attempting to forge ahead in the face of uncertainty. Co-CIOs Dave MacEwen and Victor Zhang share their thoughts on how to navigate.

Fed Likely to Reduce Balance Sheet

As the Fed attempts to reduce its $4.5 trillion balance sheet with minimal disruption, the unwinding will be groundbreaking.

Rise of the Robots?

Based on headlines, we’re all becoming unnecessary. But is that true? How does it relate to current market conditions? And are we supposed to do anything about it? Chief Investment Officer Rich Weiss speaks to why he’s not threatened by artificial intelligence.

The President Proposes, the Congress Disposes

With the new administration having been at the helm since January, Co-Chief Investment Officer Greg Woodhams looks at successes, challenges and open questions from a Global Growth Equity perspective.

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