New OnePlus 6 Concept Shows Off Sleek Design

New OnePlus 6 Concept Shows Off Sleek Design

The OnePlus 5 may have only been released in June but the tech world is always looking ahead to the next exciting launch. For some, that means looking ahead to the OnePlus 6. Now, we have a new OnePlus 6 concept to help us visualize what might be just over the horizon.

It’s no wonder people are so excited for the device. OnePlus has become known for offering flagship specs at the price of a mid-range device. With the price of the iPhone 8 expected to be around $1,000 and the Galaxy Note 8 not far behind; more and more people may be turning to manufacturers like OnePlus in order to get the best specs at the best prices. Those folks may be very interested in the new OnePlus 6 concept from Upcoming Phones. Since the OnePlus 6 release is likely going to fall around the same time frame as its predecessor; there aren’t a lot of rumors to go off. Upcoming Phones used limited information and industry trends to create a beautiful OnePlus 6 concept design that should have some fans drooling. Check out some of the images for yourself:

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Right away the beautiful, bezel-less design catches your eye. The bezel-less trend seems to be a popular one. We have seen manufacturers like LG and Samsung release devices with greatly reduced bezels. The iPhone 8 is rumored to be following the same kind of design style. It would only make sense for the OnePlus 6 to do the same. However, in this OnePlus 6 concept, the bezel-less style is taken to a whole new level. The LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 both have some bezel along the top and bottom. This OnePlus 6 concept has nothing along the sides or the bottom. It’s wall to wall display. The design is very nice and would certainly make a splash in the smartphone world.

The camera is an important feature in smartphones and I think we are entering a point in smartphone design where the camera is one of the biggest selling points. Every smartphone has a good chipset these days. Everyone is putting nice displays in their devices. Every device now has things like fingerprint sensors. The camera is where smartphones will differentiate themselves from the pack. In the OnePlus 6 concept image we see a dual camera sensor which is pretty standard among flagship smartphones these days. What isn’t standard is those specs. 25-megapixels?! That may be a lofty goal but it’s certainly not impossible and, if OnePlus could pull that off, they would become kings of the smartphone camera world.


The image above mentions an embedded fingerprint sensor, 16-megapixel front-facing camera, and a retina scanner. The embedded fingerprint sensor sounds really futuristic and unbelievable but the technology has actually been rumored for quite some time. We thought the Galaxy Note 8 may launch with an embedded fingerprint sensor at one time and there was also talk the iPhone 8 would carry the same feature although it appears Apple has backed away from that choice for this upcoming launch. The issue with embedded fingerprint sensors was simply reliability. Companies were having trouble getting the tech to work to the level they expected. OnePlus has months to figure out how to make their embedded fingerprint sensor to work so it’s not out of the question for the OnePlus 6 to launch with that feature.


The retina scanner is something we see in some other flagship devices. With Apple rumored to be launching their new face scanning feature in the iPhone 8, other smartphones will need something that is able to compete. A lot of devices have launched with retina display and the results have been mixed. We will see if OnePlus can get their scanner to work well enough to replace the ease and convenience of a fingerprint sensor.

There are a few more OnePlus 6 concept images for you to see. Go over to Upcoming Phones and check them out for yourself. Of course, this is just a concept but it’s fun to speculate and imagine what the future holds.

What do you think of the OnePlus 6 concept images? Would you buy one if it launched with these features and this sleek design? I love the new trend of bezel-less designs so this concept gets a 10/10 in my books.

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