New iPhone 7S Thicker Than Last Year’s iPhone 7 [REPORT]

New iPhone 7S Thicker Than Last Year’s iPhone 7 [REPORT]
Image source: <a href="">Giga Apple</a>

German blog, Giga Apple, indicates that the new iPhone 7S will be thicker and taller than last year’s iPhone model. They received inside information from a case manufacturer that claims to be in close contact with Foxconn, the company that Apple uses to manufacture their iPhones. The size difference likely won’t be enough to really make a difference in your pocket but it does tell us a little bit about the design decisions that have gone into the upcoming iPhone 7S. Take a look at the size comparison for yourself:

We can see that the new iPhone 7S is thicker and slightly wider than last year’s iPhone 7. The camera bump is slightly smaller on the iPhone 7S as it likely sits more flush with the thicker construction.

One of the main reasons for the change in size is the new material choice for the iPhone 7S. Last year, the iPhone 7 used aluminium while this year’s iPhone 7S will sport a glass back. It’s not immediately clear why Apple has made the design change. Some are speculating that Apple will include wireless charging in their upcoming smartphones which means metal cannot be used. Other analysts believe it may simply be a stylistic choice to keep some amount of consistency between the 3 different models that Apple is expected to launch this fall (iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone 8).

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The one area where the thicker iPhone 7S may affect users is the use of cases. Snug cases that people used on their 6S will likely not fit the iPhone 7S which means that people will have to purchase a new case. Not exactly a massive inconvenience but it may be an added cost that some people had not considered.

The rumors of increased iPhone 7S thickness due to glass are in line with some of the leaks and prototypes we have seen over the past week. There was the video comparing the iPhone 7S Plus and the iPhone 8 which showed both devices with a glass body. Again, we saw the glass body on the iPhone 8 color comparison video. It should be noted that many analysts expect the iPhone 7S to launch in the same 3 colors as the iPhone 8. If we expect glass to be thicker than aluminum then it just makes sense that the iPhone 7S will be thicker as a whole.

Beyond this news, we don’t really know a lot more about the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. A lot of the hype has been focused on the iPhone 8 and Apple’s other devices have been somewhat forgotten. There may not be a lot of exciting new features packed into the iPhone 7S. Apple has a new flagship device taking top spot in their lineup and they don’t want to steal too much thunder away from the iPhone 8. However, they also don’t want to let the new iPhone 7S and 7S Plus fade into nothingness and be forgotten by smartphone buyers. They need to strike a nice balance.

We do know that the iPhone 7S will launch with iOS 11 which has a lot of improvements to offer users. Control Center, for example, has been updated to allow to users to customize the toggles and apps that they can access in Control Center. Siri is smarter and can do basic translating, kind of like Google Assistant. Even Apple Maps is improving with indoor maps for malls and airports as well as speed limit and lane reminders while driving. That’s just a quick taste of everything in iOS 11. Of course, you can try iOS 11 right now if you don’t want to wait for the launch of the iPhone 7S this fall. Follow our instructions on how to install the iOS 11 beta on your compatible device.

If you like your smartphones the way you like your milkshakes then you will probably enjoy the thicker iPhone 7S. Apple has yet to confirm an official reveal date for the new iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 but we are expecting them to be shown off sometime in September with the release date falling shortly thereafter. It shouldn’t be long until we have these devices in our hands and we can get a better look at what kind of features Apple has been able to hide during leak season 2017.

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