Kloader For 64-bit iOS Devices Released, Brings Exciting New Features

Kloader For 64-bit iOS Devices Released, Brings Exciting New Features
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An updated version of Kloader is now available that provides support for 64-bit iOS devices. If you have never heard of Kloader before then you aren’t alone. This is a tool created for the most dedicated iOS tinkerers, developers, and researchers – not folks like myself. Essentially, what the tool aims to offer is the ability for developers to dual boot to different versions of iOS or even special modified versions. Really, we don’t know what kind of actual potential this has until developers take some time to dig through the tool and begin to implement it themselves.

The tool has been around in some form for awhile. You may have heard of Coolbooter, which allow dual booting for 32-bit iOS devices. Kloader aims to offer similar functionality but with 64-bit devices as well.

And, just in case you didn’t take my warning seriously in the first paragraph; Kloader creator, axi0mX, made this mention on Twitter:

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This tool is meant for developers/researchers only to make tools for dual booting and custom restores. If you are not one, don’t use it yet.

The man is trying to save you from bricking your device, folks. Heed his words. However, if you do happen to be one of those developers or researchers he was talking about and you want to check out Kloader for yourself then you can find more info at the GitHub page. Again, don’t dive into this if you don’t have an above average level of tech knowledge. This isn’t like installing Windows 10 or something, it’s a pretty complicated tool made for people who can understand how to use it to its fullest potential.

We will keep and eye on Kloader news over the coming weeks and months to see what kind of developments come from this new tool. Having the potential for dual booting 64-bit iOS devices is very exciting and I’m sure many people in the jailbreaking community can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kloader.

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