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How To Boost / Increase iPhone Volume Without Jailbreak

We’ve all been in this situation… You’re sitting with friends and you want to show off a new video or song. Headphones aren’t an option since there’s more than one person. There’s no Bluetooth speaker around. The only option is to use your built-in iPhone speakers. Not exactly an ideal solution. Those little speakers are good for sitting a watching a YouTube video on your own in a quiet room but not much else. However, in a pinch, they will have to do. So, how can you get an iPhone volume increase without jailbreaking your device? The process is actually really simple!

To get more power out of your built-in speakers, follow these steps for an iPhone volume increase:

  1. Launch your native “Settings” app.
  2. Find the “Music” app and tap on that.
  3. Select “EQ” next.
  4. Now you should see several new options within the EQ settings. You can play around with a few to see what they sound like. However, for the purpose of an iPhone volume increase, we want to select the “Late Night” option. You should see a little checkmark to confirm that it has been selected.
  5. That’s it! You’re done!

You’ll find out that this iPhone volume increase isn’t amazing. You won’t be blowing the windows out of your house or anything. However, there is a noticeable increase in sound. If you’re playing music while you go through this process then you will notice the increase right away rather than relying on your memory of how the speakers sounded previously.

While this little trick won’t get you to the point of throwing backyard concerts using just your built-in iPhone speakers; it should help in a pinch when you need a little more sound out of those tiny speakers. Of course, if you have a little Bluetooth speaker handy then that will be a better option 10 out of 10 times. Still, it’s nice to have options. Best of all, this iPhone volume increase trick doesn’t require jailbreak so anyone can use it! Happy listening!