To Mute iPhone 8 Notifications, You Just Need To Look At Your Phone

To Mute iPhone 8 Notifications, You Just Need To Look At Your Phone

That Apple HomePod leak is the gift that keeps on giving. Developer Guilherme Rambo has continued to dig through the code in the HomePod firmware to find some more interesting tidbits of information that may hint at a very interesting iPhone 8 feature. It looks like iPhone 8 notifications are getting much smarter.

On Twitter, Guilherme Rambo has been detailing the interesting pieces of code he has found within the HomePod firmware. One of his recent Tweets shows off some code that mentions “TLAttentionAwarenessObserver.” There are also strings of code that say, “supportsAttentuatingTonesForAttentionDetected,” and, “updateAudioVolumeDynamicallyForAlert.” What does that mean? Well, we can’t be sure until Apple makes an official announcement. However, when you consider these pieces of code all as one big picture, you can start to make some interesting assumptions. A lot of industry watchers believe that this code shows that the iPhone 8 will be able to know whether you are paying attention to it or not. If you are, it appears that the iPhone 8 will then be able to adjust notification volume and tone based on how much attention you are paying to the device.

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This could be an incredible feature or a huge flop. A lot will depend on how well the feature works in real life. If it works very well then this could be a very handy feature to have. If you’re like me, you hate when notifications interrupt whatever you’re doing on the device. If this notification feature is what a lot of people think it is; Apple may have completely changed the notification game. Sure, it’s a little bit creepy that your iPhone will