iOS 11 News: AMP Links In Safari Converts To Original URL

iOS 11 News: AMP Links In Safari Converts To Original URL

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to try and speed up the browsing experience for mobile users. One of the most common complaints from mobile users while browsing the web has been slow loading times on web pages. You have likely experienced this yourself… You do a Google search, tap the result you want, and the page begins loading. First, the content pops up. You start scrolling a bit, then some images pop in and you lose where you were. You scroll back to the top and start reading again. Then, a couple ads load somewhere on the page and throw you off again. Needless to say, this is not an ideal browsing experience for anyone involved. AMP links were meant to solve those issues but there were some concerns about AMP link URL’s. Now, AMP links in Safari are getting a bit of an overhaul for iOS 11 users to address those concerns.

The main concern regarding AMP links was that the original URL would be altered. This wasn’t a big deal for the person browsing the page originally but it made sharing links difficult as the person receiving the link would see the AMP format and may not understand which site they were about to view. Anyone who is practicing good browsing habits won’t click on a link they don’t recognize. Safari in iOS has found a solution to change this.

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